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Prevent invalid phenomenon too early of 16% INA bearing

8th November 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

, too early in the invalid situation, about 16% improper to or use incorrect installation method and cause because of installation in all the intersection of INA and bearing. Various may employ the occasion to need to use machinery, heating or hydraulic installation method to install INA bearing correctly and high-efficiently. Service life when chosen the installation method of the suitable application occasion helping you to lengthen INA bearing ‘, and it fails and causes potential damage and cost brought in employing the occasion too early because of INA bearing to reduce.

Cold installation of INA bearing

The medium and small-scale INA bearing generally adopts cold installation. Traditionally, INA bearing installed with the hammer and a section of old tube. This method can cause the external force through rolling the part and transmitting, thus damage and roll one. Install tools and exert the external force adopting to press INA bearing cooperated with to enclose, contribute to preventing INA bearing from damaging.

INA bearing heat installed

Before installing, usually heat INA bearing with oil bath. However, this kind of method may pollute INA bearing, cause INA bearing to fail too early. Nowadays, the heating of reaction is to heat INA bearing most frequently used means, this is because its control, efficiency and security are all very high. Group establish use the intersection of INA and reaction heater that bearing employs for research and develop the standard. INA bearing reaction heats the utensil and prepares against a lot of functions, contributes to preventing and damaging INA bearing in the course of heating.

Install INA bearing with hydraulic technology

It is the pioneer using hydraulic technology in INA bearing installation, the technology includes fuel-injection law and drives and install the law closely. These methods can help to simplify INA bearing disposition, contribute to installing INA bearing correctly and simply and conveniently. Also develop tool and apparatus various in style, make these hydraulic technology put into effect.

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