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Pair seals and adjusts the heart ball bearing 2213 densely

25th September 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

2213 transfer heart ball bearing whether two roll inner circle of dish and roll dish until during the outer lane in the sphere, assemble round ball-shaped and roll
The camber centre of a Taxi keeps the same with bearing centre that the outer lane rolls, so have and adjust the same adjusting the heart function of heart ball bearing automatically. When axle, outer cover bend, can adjust automatically, does not increase the bearing to bear. Axial load that the sub bearing can bear radial load and two directions of adjusting the heart and rolling. The load ability of the radial is great, are suitable for having carrying on one’s shoulder or back, situation of impact load of heavy load. The internal diameter of inner circle is a bearing of the hole of an awl, can install directly. Or use and fix set, dismantle tube closely and install on the round axis of a cylinder. Keeping the shelf using the stencil plate to press and keep shelf, polyamide shaping keeps shelf and copper alloy car making and keeping the shelf. [1]

2213 has two kinds of structure of cylinder hole and taper hole to adjust the heart ball bearing, the material which keeps the shelf is stencil plates, synthetic resin,etc.. It features the outer lane rolls one takes the form of sphere, adjust the disposition automatically, can compensate different heart degree and axle deflection and make and adjust the error that the heart ball bearing becomes, but its inner, relative gradient of outer lane can’t exceed 3 degrees.

Can bear larger radial load, can bear certain axial load at the same time. This kind of bearing outer lane rolls and says it is the sphere shape, so adjust heart performance, when the axle is bent or sloped and made the centre line of inner circle opposite to centre line of outer lane and slope and does not exceed 1 degree – 2.5 degrees by strength, the bearing can still work.

Adjusting the ball bearing inner hole of heart has cylindrical and two kinds of taper shapes. The conical degree of the inner hole of taper shape is 1: 1 2 or 1: 30. In order to strengthen the lubricated performance of the bearing, process annular oil groove and three pieces of oil hole on the bearing outer lane.

2213 adjusts the ball bearing product performance of heart

Mainly bear the radial load, can bear smaller axial load at the same time. Axle (outer cover) Confining to limit of backlash displacement,have automatically by performance of transferring on hearting, allow, as to slope under the big condition working normally, suitable for, support of hole, can’t guarantee co-axle in the part of degree strictly by periphery.

Adjust the structural form of ball bearing of the heart

Take the dustproof lid and take adjusting the heart ball bearing to already fill in right amount of lubricating grease while assembling of the sealed circle, needn’t wash to should not heat either before installing, use and did not need to lubricate in the course, adapt to running between temperature – 30 ¡æ to 120 ¡æ. Adjust the main use of ball bearing of heart: Suitable for accurate instrument, electrical machinery, car, motorcycle and general machinery with low noise,etc., use the most extensive kind of bearing in the mechanical industry.

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The name of product: Supply pair and seal and adjust the heart ball bearing 2213 densely New type: 2213 old types: 1513 internal diameters: 65( mm) External diameter: 120( mm) Thickness: 31( mm) Weight: 1.46( kg) Use: It is suitable for bearing the heavy load and assaulting the load adjusting the heart ball bearing, trades such as accurate instrument, electrical machinery, car, motorcycle, metallurgy, rolling mill, mine with low noise, petroleum, papermaking, cement, pressing candies,etc. and general machinery,etc.. Type: Adjust the heart ball bearing

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