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Overhauling the method introduction of the bearing

30th March 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

The washing of the bearing: While dismantling the lower bearing to overhaul, record the appearance of the bearing at first, confirm the remaining quantity of lubricant, after lubricant used for taking a sample to check, wash the bearing. As cleaner, use the petrol, kerosene ordinarily.

The washing of the bearing dismantled, divide thickly and wash and thin washing, put in the container respectively, put the metal network and lag behind, make the bearing not contact the dirt of the container directly first. Thick while washing, if make the bearing take the dirt to rotate, will damage rolling the surface of the bearing, should notice. In thick to wash in the oil, use brush remove, go lubricating grease, glue things, after being roughly clean, change over to washing smartly.

Wash smartly, rotate the side in washing the oil of the bearing, the same careful washing. In addition, should keep clean to wash the oil frequently too.

Maintenance and judgement of the bearing: In order to judge whether the bearing dismantled can be used, should check after the bearing is washed clean. Check, roll dishes of surface, roll surface, cooperate with the intersection of Taxi and state, keep the intersection of abrasion and situation, the intersection of bearing and increase of backlash of shelf and have, have nothing to do the intersection of size and damage that precision drops, unusual. Not the separating small-scale ball bearing, support competence of the inner circle with a hand, rotate the outer lane to confirm whether it is smooth or not.

Taper roll sub bearing,etc. separate the intersection of shape and bearing, can to roll body, outer lane roll one dish of surfaces is checked respectively.

Large-scale bearing because of unable to rotate with hand, pay attention to, check, roll body, roll dishes of surface, keep shelf, block the intersection of,etc. and appearance, importance of bearing must be checked cautiously while being high to heal.

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