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Overhaul the method with machinery and electricity of shielding the pump

27th January 2009 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Introduction: The method to shield the pump and overhaul has machinery to check and check with the electricity, the key step is: Disintegrate shielding the pump first, then wash each part at first, and then do superficial checking to them, see whether there are anomalies. Again then will measure size of the key position and carry on electric checking etc. to the winding of the electrical machinery.

First, shield the pump mechanical inspection method:

1 , measure the intersection of graphite and aperture and the intersection of axle and foot-path of axle sleeve, the intersection of cooperation and the intersection of Taxi and smooth finish to observe them of bearing. If the regulation that the matching the interval of graphite bearing and axle sleeve exceeds the inspection standard 0.55

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