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Original packaging the intersection of normal product and SKF, FAG, NSK 81113 thrust roll sub authorised dealer of bearing Shanghai price

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Thrust transfer heart roll sub bearing and transfer heart, roll sub bearing likewise, flat circle roll dishes of surface with with identical point at the the intersection of bearing and central axle as sphere of in the center, the bearing roll son as sphere type, so have, transfer the intersection of heart and function automatically, bend to the intersection of co-axle and degree and axle very sensitive.

Different from other thrust bearings in the sample, the loaded ability axially of this kind of bearing is very great, can also bear several radial load while bearing axially loadedly, but the radial load can’t exceed loaded 55% axially.

So long as loaded P and P0 less than 0.05C0, and axle enclose rotate, bearing allow what the form below rank transfer the heart corner then.

It is suitable for the number value 3 degrees small that the bearing diameter series adjust the bearing diameter series of angle of heart and adjust 2 degrees of series 400 1.5 degree 2 degree of series 300 of series 1 degree 1.5 degree 200 of angle of heart Larger bearing, and whom load allowed while increasing transfer the heart corner and will reduced.

Generally adopt the oil to lubricate while using.

The thrust taper rolls the sub bearing can only bear the unidirectional axial load, can limit the unidirectional axial displacement of the bearing, so can be used as making a reservation unidirectionally axially. The sub bearing is compared to get away with the cylinder of thrust, bearing capacity loud, as to slipping small, but the terminal rotational speed is relatively low.

Symmetrical thrust transfer heart get away sub bearing

Asymmetric thrust transfer heart get away sub bearing

The size range of the internal diameter: 60mm- 1120mm

The size range of the external diameter: 130mm- 1460mm

High size range: 39mm- 354 mm

Keep the shelf generally adopting the brass entity shelf and pressing the shelf. Adopt the brass when the entity keeps the shelf, keep a rearmounted code not marking, the rearmounted code that other signs are corresponding.

This kind of bearing is mainly applied to the petroleum rig, make the steel machinery made of iron, hydroelectric generator, vertical motor, the vessel uses the propeller shaft, the tower crane, the pushing machine,etc..

The name of product: Original packaging normal product SKF, FAG, the authorised dealer of Shanghai of the sub bearing – new type of spot price of rolling of NSK 81113 thrust: 81113 old types: 9113 internal diameters: 65( mm) External diameter: 90( mm) Weight: 0.31( kg) Bearing material: High-carbon chromium bearing steel (quench completely type completely) (GCr15) Use: Common Type: Thrust transfer heart get away sub bearing

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