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One set of circles of the rolling bearing rubs, exceeds ( precisely) Processing

28th November 2008 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

One set of circles of the rolling bearing rubs, exceeds precisely Processing:

: A bearing and a circle rubs and pares the apparatus

Bearing rub sharpen, process apparatus it divides to be as follows, by rubing and pares the surface A circle of bearing rubs and pares the apparatus specialized and strongly, the production efficiency high, products machining accuracy is high, suitable for the characteristic of mass production.

The grinding machine of terminal surface: Terminal surface grinding machine, dual oscillating terminal surface grinding machines, vertical form head level grinding machines and vertical pair of heads level grinding machines including passing the formula dual.

The grinding machine of external diameter: Include being not be in the mood for the cylindrical grinder and general through the type Oscillating and cutting the people type Not be in the mood for the cylindrical grinder.

There are specialized internal diameter grinding machines, ditches inner grinding machine, it is exterior for ditch grinding machine, it last dishes of grinding machine, last dishes of grinding machine, block outside inside grinding machine, roll line block grinding machines and surface grinding machines compounds internal and external compound

Have machinery ultra and precise machine and numerical control ultra precise machine, ultra b outside inside uper by lines of machines precises ultra, last lines of machines, ditch machines and ditches inner precises ultras exterior precises ultra b outside inside bearing suits of circle apparatuses precises ultra mainly Have single the intersection of worker and the intersection of location and ultra precise machine and many the intersection of worker and the intersection of location and ultra precise machine, have, carry on thick precise to exceed in one the intersection of worker and location, also carry on separately thickly and exceeding smartly in different worker’s location.

2 bearings and one set of circles rub and pare the method commonly

The bearing trade processes the products under the exterior foot-path 400mm of outer lane to adopt and not be in the mood for wasting paring. Process product two kinds of methods of the exterior foot-path of outer lane above 400mm and both have. According to orient the intersection of clamping and way, divide into, rub, sharpen and centers the jig and rub and sharpen two big classes for not be in the mood for jig. At present.

According to rub, sharpen, process, cut the intersection of people and way, divide into, have Fan become, rub, sharpen, wave head, rub, sharpen and cut people, rub and sharpen. Wave the head to rub and pare and is being cut and rubed and pared replacing.

Finish machining of one set of circles of 3 bearings

Polish and process: Abradant Unguentum, pastel pharmaceutical or rubing the powder Apply to a method to carry on finish machining to the work piece on the flexible polishing tool.

The emery cloth brings along rolling in one set of circles one is shaken axially while working, the emery cloth tape is ground and processed: Use rigidity to grind one Oilstone or shaping metal piece The pressure of leading the emery cloth is pigeonholed to the work piece and processed on the surface. Thus carry on a method of finish machining of appearance.

The work piece is rotated by the speed of suring, ultra finish machining: Mean under the good lubricated cooling condition. The oilstone is pigeonholed to the surface of the work piece at certain pressure, and is perpendicular to the work piece and rotate a precise preparation method that the direction shook sports reciprocally.

Can reduce or dispel and rub the round degree of errors after paring effectively; Can revise a section of ditch Camber Shape error; Can make surface have, press stress is because ultra and precise with polish with the intersection of emery cloth and strip grinding and comparing while being residual. Help to improve the contact fatigue life of the bearing; Can raise production efficiency effectively, reduce advantages such as labour intensity,etc., so, have polished and ground the craft with the emery cloth tape and has already been substituted by the ultra precise craft in most enterprises.

4 sets of circles rub, exceed precise Process and use rubing and have

One set of circles rubs and pares the main apparatus processed the emery wheel. Rub and pare the emery wheel to assign to and accord with the pharmaceutical emery wheel as the pottery on the basis of the ones that combine pharmaceutical, resin combine the intersection of pharmaceutical and emery wheel and rubber combine the intersection of pharmaceutical and emery wheel and metal combine the intersection of pharmaceutical and emery wheel with the intersection of water chestnut and bitter soil combine the pharmaceutical emery wheel. Can be divided into corundum emery wheel, carborundum emery wheel, cubic nitrogen boron emery wheel and diamond emery wheel with abradant composition.

The ultra and precise main apparatus is the oilstone. The commonly used oilstone is as follows, carborundum oilstone and cubic nitrogen boron oilstone.

5 sets of circles rub, exceed the developing direction processed

Wasting paring and processing and going through the single head of terminal surface to rub of one set of circles of bearing, for over 100 years. Ditch line block, wave head, rub, sharpen, rub, sharpen the intersection of speed and rubing, sharpening staging while being ordinary low, and these crafts are still applied in trade at present. But with the development frequently of the manufacturing industry of the rolling bearing, the advanced craft is promoting the bearing industry to march towards in higher, newerrer field frequently. Future, bearing sets of the intersection of circle and preparation method cut towards high speed people rub, sharpen High speed of adopting high-efficient high-accuracy the intersection of numerical control and process technology, line measure, all production process automation, all process develop by the direction of computer automated control automatically.


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