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One gigawatt (GW) of hydrogenerators thrust bearing is made in Kazakhstan

31st January 2011 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

At the beginning of New Year, electrical machinery plant Co., Ltd. spreads out of good news from Harbin, create the last of 1000 megawatts of first hydrogenerator thrust bearings of multiple worlds to test on Harbin 3000 tons of thrust bearings test bed of the big electrical machinery research institute suitably The profit is finished. The test result shows, this test bearing totally meets the operation requirement for every working condition. Indicate the electrical machinery of Kazakhstan has already possessed the designs and manufacturing capacity of a million huge bearings of water electric machine group, thus make the huge thrust bearing technology of China in the world-lead level.

It is reported, this scientific findings which this company studies, can offer safe and reliable thrust bearing technical support for a million kilowatts of units, not only fill in China a million the intersection of aircrew and large part, study blank, the technical research of the thrust bearing reaches the advanced international standards, and ” hydrogenerator thrust bearing research of 1000 megawatts ” The bearing of 1000 megawatts of hydrogenerators and two kinds of structure of key part plastic tile and tungsten money tile of thrust bearing that the group develops is examined smoothly through the test to tackle key problems.

It is introduced, these a million aircrew thrust bearings have created the first in the world multiply, the rated load is 5400 tons, the world bears the weight of the thrust bearing of maximum at present, it is 4890 tons 510 tons higher than the rated load of the aircrew of Sanxia, but it is more steady to run; The tile area of thrust bearing form of money tile of tungsten is 4440 square centimeters, it is the thrust bearing of the tile area maximum of the form of the world too; The tile area of thrust bearing form of plastic tile is 4200 square centimeters, and adopted 250 tons of elastic fuel tanks to support, this structure is plastic tile thrust bearing structure of maximum in the world too. Flow and pay test two means with 3000 the intersection of thrust bearing and test bed through hot ball of thrust bearing, analyze, prove the intersection of thrust bearing and heat play, flow lubricated technology, the intersection of bearing and supporting structure, circulate the intersection of cooling and way relevant technical matter in an all-round way, the conclusion must happen finally: This company succeeds in developing two kinds of structural thrust bearings of plastic tile and tungsten money tile.

The relevant expert explains, as one of the most key parts in the large-scale hydroelectric generating set, the thrust bearing bears the whole hydroelectric generating set and rotates partial weight and water thrust, in-service behavior its will you please involve aircrew safe operation directly, but also influence exerting oneself and efficiency of the generating set. So, the large-scale thrust bearing technology is that 1000 megawatts of hydroelectric generating set develop the critical technology that must be solved.

Plan the key scientific research plan of the electrical machinery of project and Kazakhstan one of seven subjects as country’s science and technology support, ” hydrogenerator thrust bearing research of 1000 megawatts ” Set up from the subject to succeed in developing and go through more than 3 years. Under high concern and support of the leaders and experts from all walks of life, this subject tackles key problems the group cooperates, absorbs all the useful ideas, makes joint efforts, finished task of all scientific research and key research project tackling of this subject at last.

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