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NU2206ET2XC3 bearing

31st October 2014 Bearing products 0 Comments

Cylindrical roller and ball track are blade connection bearings. Load carrying capacity is great, mainly bear radial load. Rolling element and collar are blocked friction is small, suitable for the high-speed rotation. Whether it is blocked that according to the collar, can divide cylindrical roller bearings of uniline such as NU, NJ, NUP, N, NF,etc., and cylindrical roller bearings of biserial such as NNU, NN,etc.. This bearing is an inner circle, very separable structure of outer lane.
Inner circle or outer lane have cylindrical the intersection of roller and bearing to block side, inner cycle sum its can to act as relative movement axially in outer lane, so can serve as freedom end bearing. Inclusive on one side of some of the outer lane of cycle sum to have by double-throws, the collar of the other side has cylindrical roller bearing blocking the side singly, can bear a direction axial load to a certain degree. Generally use the steel plate to ram retainers, or the copper alloy car makes entity retainer. Use polyamide shaping retainer while being some too
The name of product: The new type of NU2206ET2XC3 bearing: NU2206ET2XC3 bearing use: Large and medium sized electric motor, rolling stock, basic shaft of the lathe, internal-combustion engine, generator, gas turbine engine, reduction box, rolling mill, vibrating screen and handling machinery,etc.. Type: Cylindrical roller bearing

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