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NTN develop at a high speed rotating drum of performance get away sub bearing

30th July 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Eh ladder kindness NTN The ones that develop the lathe main shaft of used in the machining center and compounding the processing machine etc. ” Oil gas lubricate ultrafast the intersection of Model NU and drum get away sub bearing ” . Except that through generating heat while inhibiting rotating at a high speed thus support is processed at a high speed, easier to install.

It compound MC and on processing machine,etc. last lathes that processed high-speed,main shaft of it generally in front side cutter on one side of Use the sectional angle to contact the ball bearing, on one side of the backside motor Use horn contact ball bearing or drum, get away sub bearing. Bearing these exist, should guarantee process at a high speed, ‘ When the main shaft is rotated at a high speed Performance,and also it if you can’t last main shaft, construct subject when it is simple.

Horn in backside contact ball bearing and drum roll sub bearing go on, relatively can know, the performance when the angle is exposed to the ball bearing to processes at a high speed is excellent, need to allocate the ball bushing used for absorbing thermal expansion of the rotation axis and press the spring etc. in advance, so the structure of the main shaft will become complicated. And drum roll sub bearing can move toward axle with itself their, need, adopt structure to absorb thermal expansion, but the performance while processing at a high speed is inferior to the angle and contact the ball bearing. So eh, performance when the intersection of ladder and kindness process at a high speed to simple the intersection of main shaft and structure very much high drum roll the sub bearing has been developed too. In addition, it compound it process machine if you can’t mill, if you can’t sharpen by main shaft, wait in the future for improving by rigidity and needing too in front side if you can’t allocate by drum, last bearings sub, also one of the reasons developed this time.

The sub bearing improve the performance when processing at a high speed to roll with the drum, the ones that need inhibiting from within the bearing generate heat. So, eh ladder kindness has placed the starting point on ” inhibiting pressing too big in advance ” With ” inhibit the lubricating oil from being held up in ” Have. Unless among them, to pressing respect the ones too big in advance inhibition,for when not reducing to rotate for high speed and cause generate heat after pressing too big inside in advance to one that cause on rounds of thermal expansion and at odds with the community or the leadership to swell, internal materials have adopted the coefficient of expansion of line and pottery of smaller density. The inhibition held up in the lubricating oil, through adopting by the resting new way of the keepers of the bearing of guiding making of the external diameter of the oil gas spray nozzle, have realized that can supply the lubricating oil of the fresh and low temperature to the keepers all the time. And, it adopt also leave foreign steamer flange part,it make lubricating oil internal not held up ined since flange and structure where interval list outwards between foreign steamer, thus has inhibited generating heat.

Through the above-mentioned measure, making shows rotating dmn value bearing round diameter dm mm of festival at a high speed *Rotational speed n min- 1 Up to 3,250,000, than the past products the oil gas lubricating products Have improved by 40%.

In addition, eh ladder kindness will be in ” the 25th Japan international lathe exhibition JIMTOF2010 ” The time of the meeting: October 28 – November 2, 2010, the meeting-place: There is bright international Convention and Exhibition Center in Tokyo Exhibit the new products this time.

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