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NTN ” can solidify the subminiature device which grinds the bits function ” Make

30th June 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

As utilizing metal to process the apparatus which grinds the bits again, eh ladder kindness NTN Face and is used in the semiworks and develop the subminiature which allocates the new function and grind the solidification device ” PRG-III ” of the bits . Scheduled to be sold since November of 2010 by its affiliate NTNTechnicalService.

Eh, the intersection of ladder and kindness develop can whom process produce grind bits, separate as metal and treatment technology to cut liquid to bearing on 2000, and established resources and circulated and utilized the system. Therefore, while cutting down and ground the bits and dealt with the expenses by a wide margin, also make this company grind and pare the metal material emerging in process and ground and pared the liquid and realized 100% of the circulation is utilized. Adopt the solidification device ” PRG ” of this kind of technology at present The series are being sold in other areas too.

Eh ladder kindness has been providing 2 sections of ” PRG ” for market Series of products, respectively in order to compress ability to be 1000kN, handling capacity is 30t / ” PRG-I type ” in the moon With 520kN, 20t / ” PRG-IIL type ” in the moon . Because is even if is the large-scale factory, the requirement of the users needing dealing with on a small scale, and the enterprises which grind the bits with less emission are more, so develop and is used mainly in the semiworks and use and set up the space smaller ” PRG-III ” this time ,And realized and commercialized.

This product can adopt the system of the speed of changing to the best pressurization and pressurizing automatically of moisture content to grinding the bits. Set up the size, it is 1300mm to be horizontal and wide, it is deeply 600mm to enter. Set up the area as 0.80m2, it is ” PRG-I ” 40%. Besides always highly dropping to 1200mm, lighten the load of throwing in homework, also adopt and touch the panel, have improved the operability. Can the apolegamy control the function long-rangely in real time, can reply in time in urgent cases also. Go against the becoming device and drive the oil pressure pump, adopt and rotate the control method only when the air cylinder works through utilizing, make power consumption cut down by 14%. Maximum handling capacity is 13kg/h 5t / moon ,Maximum compressed ability is 300kN, the price is about 3,800,000 Japanese yens.

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