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NNU4936 bearing

28th February 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

NNU4936 bearing, 0532-80982588, the Seiko bearing Co., Ltd. of auspicious day of Qingdao, the company agent of 携帯電話 13553041888 sells: Swedish SKF bearing, Germany FAG bearing, Germany INA bearing, U.S.A. TIMKEN bearing, Japan NSK bearing, Japan NTN bearing, Japan IKO bearing. The specification type is complete, it is supplied from stock that the stock is rich, the products are of high quality and at a reasonable price, a great advantage that supply cycle and wait a moment quickly. It is the best cooperative partner that you chose the bearing supplier. Let the carefree operation of the bearing lead us to move towards better and brillianter tomorrow hand in hand. The company inherits ” honest, users first ” Aim,observe “honest,practical,win together ” Management theory,most high-quality best in sum in service product quality when lasting customering. As a reliable project cooperative partner, our goal is to satisfy the customer through innovating, outstanding innovation ability and supreme level of the quality in all course of ours. Give up the characteristic that the ties the group tight and is close to and supply with all parts of the world and fast ability to respond to individualized demand directly. We strive for the top positions of distribution and car trade in the equilibrium growth of the industrial department, all products and global area of important market.
In our mutual 連絡先, and our customer, we define the principle include special commitments and concerns, and trust and dependability each other. Our working characteristic is improvement our products and craft willing to be constant. We are very glad to be in the intensity of these values, how can and they realize in practice.
The name of product: The new type of NNU4936 bearing: NNU4936 bearing use: Large and medium sized motor, rolling stock, main shaft of the lathe, internal-combustion engine, generator, gas turbine, gearbox, rolling mill, shaking sifting and handling machinery,etc.. Type: Sub bearing of the cylinder roller

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