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NMB miniature bearing

3rd November 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

American Bei inferior group NMB –Leading brand of the miniature ball bearing

American Bei’s inferior group’s overview
American Bei inferior group was established in 1951, it was the first professional manufacturer of miniature ball bearing in Japan. Nowadays, the group company has already developed into business and contained the accurate spare part products supplier of a plurality of fields such as communication of information, Aero-Space, car, electrical home appliances. The main product line of NMB is a miniature ball bearing. NMB is the miniature and small-scale ball bearing manufacturers leading in the whole world, most greatly make external diameter and reach Damien 22mm, and more than 60% of global market share. These miniature bearings, mainly in information and communication apparatus, the car uses the electric control system, household appliances and car.

Structural characteristic of 629zzC3 NMB miniature and small-scale ball bearing
The bearing 629zzC3 of the miniature bearing is a mechanical part, including outer lane, inner circle, the ball, keep the shelf, sealed lid and card ring. 629zzC3 is a ball bearing.

NMB miniature bearing 629zzC3 has the following competitive advantage

629zzC3 ultraprecise process technology
The precision of the miniature ball bearing 629zzC3 depends on several factors, including inner circle, outer lane roll a round degree, roll the quality of the raw materials of the bearing parts of quality and use of the body. Having accumulated NMB group for over 50 years in knowledge, beautiful Bei is inferior what has been already developed is high-accuracy to process the apparatus, advanced maintenance technology and high-efficient production line overall arrangement, 629zzC3 bearing constant reaching the more high-quality precision making it produce.

Fine quality that 629zzC3 remains the same from beginning to end worldwide
It has 10 bearing factories, the production which all factories combine vertically at present worldwide that beautiful Bei is inferior, include all course, from processing to last equipment and test. Beautiful Bei is inferior can guarantee the quality product that 629zzC3 that all bearing factories produce remains the same from beginning to end.

NMB miniature bearing 629zzC3 typical application
629zzC3 applies to the PC ‘ Desk-top /note-book type)
629zzC3 applies to the printer
629zzC3 applies to the duplicator
629zzC3 applies to the camera
629zzC3 applies to the air conditioner
629zzC3 applies to the car spare part
629zzC3 is applied to drawing the fund machine automatically
629zzC3 applies to the vacuum cleaner
629zzC3 applies to the fishing line wheel
629zzC3 applies to the electric tool

NMB miniature bearing 629zzC3 parameter table

Understand NMB miniature bearing 629zzC3 concrete parameter, please download the products manual:

Note: Please duplicate PDF file website and paste the address portion download of the browser.

629zzC3 NMB miniature bearing stock

NMB miniature bearing 629zzC3 quality guaranteed

Solemnly declare: Seeing that counterfeit NMB bearing products are numerous on the market, is every set of NMB miniature bearing 629zzC3 products that we seriously promised to be sold imported original packagingly? ? ? Find a set of products are counterfeit, according to the double compensation of the goods value!

Fake bearing products may cause the serious injury to your production and life security, understand more information, please visit:


. It is a price that websites mark a price, have upper and lower changes according to the price of market fluctuations, please consult in detail before ordering;

. The bearing size specification that websites label does not guarantee it is totally correct, please subject to our written confirmation information;

. Because the bearing type is various in style, the products shown in Ariba Palestinian platform are only some stock, if there are other products demand you can get in touch with us;

. The bearing is the accurate mechanical part, it is according to correct installing, lubricating, dismantling the way, please to use in the course, after-sale service engineer as there is doubt you can telegraph us.

With the best regards / greeting of extending the friend type!

Zhang LiWei (sell the engineer)

The head is still international trade ‘ Beijing) Limited company

Mobile: 186 1134 8916

Tel.: 86 (010) 5948 7008

Fax: 86 (010) 6128 7052


The head is still official website:

Technical support:

Online store:

Scan and pay close attention to the public number of official side’s little letter: The head still transmits SosungPT

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The name of product: The new type of NMB miniature bearing: 629zzC3 NMB miniature bearing 629zzC3 use: The deep ditch ball bearing can be used in the gearbox, instrument and apparatus, electrical machinery, household appliances, internal-combustion engine, traffic vehicle, agricultural machinery, machinery of the building, engineering machinery, roller bearing type wheel slippery shoes, long ball,etc.. Type: Deep ditch ball bearing

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