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NKE: Antifriction bearing of electrical insulation Preventing electrical injuries

31st March 2011 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Austrian bearing manufacturer NKE offers the antifriction bearing of electrical insulation. This special bearing serial SQ77 possesses the electrical insulation characteristic, has provided the reliable shelter for electrical erosion produced because of passing of current, can apply to electrical machinery, generator and miscellaneous electrical apparatus.

The NKE SQ77 series electrical insulation antifriction bearing has many kinds of size and design

It has the ceramic rolling element that NKE mix the bearing

The electrical insulation bearing of NKE has three kinds of designs at your choice: Series SQ77 have insulating coat of ceramic aluminium oxide on the outer lane, SQ77E series have insulating layers on the inner circle, mix the insulating bearing series SQ77B and adopt the ceramic rolling element, can guarantee the limitless resistance in theory.

The ceramic aluminium oxide insulating coat of SQ77 and SQ77E adopts the spraying of plasma craft, guarantee to bear lowest 1000 volts of direct current or alternating current. NKE can be supplied insulating coat bearings in many kinds of types, include various design, size series and backlash cylindrical roller bearing and major groove ball bearing of grade.

The damage because the electrical insulation bearing can avoid the electrical erosion, so apply to the electrical machinery and can ensure running more reliably compared with ordinary bearing. And compared with other isolation methods, for instance the axle or outer cover is insulating, accord with the cost-effective and reliable further. Physical dimension and basic fundamental characteristic of the insulating bearing are the same as non- insulating bearing, so by a hundred per cent interconversion.

Austrian NKE develops and produces the high-quality bearing, is suitable for extensive industrial application. Besides product development and application technology, NKE offers all-round technical support and trains. NKE bearing sells well in more than 60 countries of the whole world through 17 sales offices and more than 240 distributors.

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