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NK43/20R bearing

23rd October 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

Needle bearing (needle bearing) Take cylinder roll to roll sub bearing son, relatively diameter its, get away son to be thin and long. This kind rolls the son calls rolling the needle. Though have smaller sections, the bearing still has higher load endurance, it contain needle bearing roll by son ‘ roll unless there aren’t diameters D sub, last 2.5 L/D,L for lasting lengths sub) ,So the radial is compact, when the size and loaded ability of its internal diameter are the same as other type of bearing, the external diameter is minimum, are especially suitable for installing the supporting structure restricted in size in radial.
According to use different occasion, can select for use, have bearing of inner circle or get away stitch and keep a assembly, last that bearing inside journal surface and outer cover on it match bearing at this moment hole surface directly, outside roll by surface, in order to guarantee loaded ability and performance of operating and have the same bearing of one set of circles, a superficial hardness that axle or outer cover hole rolls, answer machining accuracy and surface quality and axle except type listed when recording,it is used for general project bearing, for instance: The open type presses the needle bearing of the outer lane
Needle bearing
Needle bearing (1) , press the needle bearing (2) of the outer lane while being closed , an inner circle needle bearing (3) With having a needle bearing of inner circle / keeping a needle bearing (4) without inner circle , keep the shelf and not keep the shelf filled the needle bearing (5) SKF can also supply the needle bearings of different types, 1, the needle keeps a assembly 2 to roll, it have it block 3 of needle bearing, transfer by oneself 4 of heart, if you can’t make up, roll by needle / 5 of ball bearing, if you can’t make up, roll by needle / thrust ball bearing 6, if you can’t make up, roll by needle /are there cylinders
STO outer lane has not been blocked, there is inner circle that supports the gyro wheel
RNA22 …It is sealed that 2RS is two-sided, there is not the inner circle that support the gyro wheel
NA22 …It is sealed that 2RS is two-sided, there is the inner circle that supports the gyro wheel
NATR …It is flat for PP not to block and enclose and lead and support the gyro wheel axially Needle bearing
Needle bearing
NATV …It is flat for PP not to block, enclose, guide, support gyro wheel, full stitch type axially
NUTR rolls the body and guides and supports the gyro wheel, the full son rolling type
It is flat for CRY British system to block and enclose and guide and support the gyro wheel axially
One is similar that the ones that bear one set of circles roll. This kind of bearing can only bear the radial load. Receive, inspire confidence in the intersection of Seiko and the intersection of bearing and Co., Ltd., make more efforts, keep forging ahead, repay the the masses of customer so as to better, more high-efficient service! Telephone number: 0635-2101236 mobile phones: 15288740199 ; 13869552020 ; QQ: 1415514907

The name of product: The new type of NK43/20R bearing: NK43/20R bearing use: Used in various mechanical equipment such as lathe, metallurgical machinery, fabrics machine and printing machinery, and can make the compactness very much that the mechanical system is designed dexterous. Type: Needle bearing

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