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2nd September 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

[Shanghai believes and circles in the air the exclusive distribution of the bearing ]

(class II,forklift truck,car bearing)

[# picture 13 ] [# picture 14 ]

This millowner’s camp: Medium and small-scale class II serious the intersection of vapour and bearing, the intersection of forklift truck and bearing, can make to order nonstandard various

Telephone / fax: 0635-2103667 QQ: 1208899588

Mobile: 18365792228 18365872228

Address: Turn left 20 meters in the market of cigarette shop for the first time in the south of the gate

Main products

Medium and small-scale and class II
Car bearing
Forklift truck bearing

Can have various nonstandard bearings made to order

(Develop through quality —Seek survival with prestige)

The name of product: NJ1017M new type: NJ1017M old type: 42117H internal diameter: 85.0000( mm) External diameter: 130.0000( mm) Thickness: 22.0000( mm) Weight: 0.000( kg) Bearing material: High-temperature bearing steel use: Engineering machinery Type: Sub bearing of the cylinder roller

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