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NA4836 needle bearing

31st December 2014 Bearing products 0 Comments

Roll needle and roll dishes of line exposed to result that revise, can avoid producing destructive edge stress. Support the intersection of gyro wheel and the intersection of needle bearing and the intersection of department and the intersection of heavy wall and outer lane, quench through high-temperature high nitrogen, a high-accuracy to sort one roll son block and guiding by high the intersection of rigidity and outer lane, utilize linear to keep in touch, gyro wheel can rotate easily on getting away dish directly, and can bear the enormous load. In order to remove the stress, the outer lane which supports the gyro wheel adopts the cambered surface to be designed, the curve gyro wheel takes single, pair and seals enclosing, various specification types such as sealed ring without sealing enclosing, bringing. The tape seals and encloses and stores the space of lubricating grease big and offering the base lipoprotein of lithium permanently to lubricate, and lengthen the lubricated interval. Seal and enclose materials it in order to take the skeleton cube nitrile rubber or ST12, its temperature range of operation is – 30 degrees of C to C or – 30 degrees C to 180 degrees of C for 100 degrees. The curve gyro wheel of the dense holding type can be born and operated more than heavy extremely strong load and high performance.

The name of product: The new type of NA4836 needle bearing: NA4836 needle bearing use: Used in various mechanical equipment such as lathe, metallurgical machinery, fabrics machine and printing machinery, and can make the compactness very much that the mechanical system is designed dexterous. Type: Needle bearing

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