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miniature bearing 3*8*3

16th October 2017 Bearing products 0 Comments

West strength bearing Co., Ltd. of Dongguan
Contact: Ma Sheng
Telephone number : 18902647056
QQ: 2271032959
Telephone number 0769-22178299
Company’s address, the street of southern city of Dongguan of Guangdong Province wins and way winning and Block C on the square

And homogeneous hardness, certain impact tenacity;

Fourth, scantling good stability, good characteristic and good processing property of losing slowly.

As to TIMKEN bearing material working under the special condition, should also have special characteristic commensurate with condition in accordance with its particular requirement. The fine or not direct influence bearing that everybody knows the bearing is installed removes the air channel and accumulates the powder. Major application: Apparatus of official working, micromachine, soft driver, pressure trochanter, tooth department tooth bore, the motor of the hard disk, stepping motor, video recorder magnetic drum, toy model, computer fan, Coder. Remedy two laws in imported bearing some burning off of the electrical machinery

Install and import the bearing with a lot electrical machineries of ours, but because the electrical machinery is improperlied use, burn and import the bearing very easily, but once it happens that burnt, then have the losses greatly on we. Present imported bearings are all so expensive, so it is preferably to take the method of redress to burn the situation.

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