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Mechanical rotary table bearing of petroleum

28th November 2014 Bearing products 0 Comments

Sell throughout the year: Enormous bearing: Slush pump ( Petroleum machinery) Special bearings such as bearing, steel factory bearing,etc., make to order the super-huge bearing. Our company manages throughout the year: Oil field and steel factory bearing, contact details: 13963004440 130127886770635 –69075470635 –2851071 –The specialized bearing of large-scale oil field, sell the super-huge bearing. Contact: First Yang female ‘ Gentleman) Mobile: 1301278867713963004440 電話 numbers: 0635 –2851071 faxes: 0635–6907547 ¡¡¡¡¡¡Postbox: ytzc@163.comQQ:271176782 websites:

The name of product: Petroleum machinery (rotary table) Bearing use: On suitable for bearing one side axial load, parts lower in rotational speeding, such as hoist cliver, vertical water pump, vertical centrifuge, jack, low-speed decelerator,etc.. The circles of axle circle, seat and rolling the body of the bearing are separation, can hold and dismantle respectively. Type: Thrust ball bearing

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