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Market products exhibition after sale of the car of appearing of Timken products

30th June 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Temkin Company NYSE: TKR Car market week and market products exhibition AAPEX after sale of car after sale It is estimated that will be held in Las Vegas of Nevada state on November 1, thereby the company announces a series of measure will be planned in order to continue supporting its cooperative partner of channel, expanding the market after sale of the car increases the plan.

It is a deep new category management service that the ones that are researching and developing at present in Temkin Company are heading the marketing scheme, it adopts vehicle registration data and a plurality of self-defining primitive apparatuses to make tools and help their futures for customer’s better understanding to light vehicle brand and demand of the type.

33 kinds of new types of product line of market count the market analysis that is won through category management and new service after the further expansion pin which Temkin Company introduces newly Data. These new types will be produced according to the calculating specifically of this service at the same time according to market demand.

Director Tom Tecklenburg of market department after sale talks about the car of Temkin Company, ” we are expecting to introduce the management service of this new category on AAPEX, firmly believe our customers and their customers will all draw advantage from data that the company offered at the same time. In addition, through combining our network of personal connections, we authorize our most important cooperative partner, help them to mould both sides’ mutual enterprises at the same time. ”

The company ” Contact Temkin ” Popularization activity, its purpose is to offer various market support services after sale for Temkin corporate client. Offer to relevant interests person and solve the important trade problem at the same time, and express the chance on opinion of each view. Thus, Temkin Company can pay close attention to the business of market after sale of the company by collecting these comments and feedbacking the opinion, in order to further understand the customer’s demand.

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