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Making of the simple and easy bearing heater

27th September 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Summary: Introduce a simple and easy bearing heater preparation method, is used for assembling the bearing.

Keyword: Warm accusing of device of rising type of expanding of the liquid; Smooth oil of two molybdenum sulfide; Heater of the bearing

China pursues the classification number: TH 133.33 literature annotates yard: B

Structure and operation principle of a bearing heater

We utilize A3 stencil plate of thickness 3mm to make into one 450* 450* It is high The square case of 350mm, heat a 2kWU type managing, a set of liquid and expand on rising warm accusing of device and a pair of metal thermometers, install at case lasting the underparts of support all,bearing support for can removing type, available for putting and heating the bearing. The bearing support should not be less than 50mm from the heater bottom, prevent the bottom impurity of the case from entering the bearing. There are case lids on the case, prevent the incidental from falling into and prevent the oil vapour from polluting the environment. The bottom installs a row of oil valves. The structure is shown as in Fig. 1.

We use machinery oil No. 46 as and conduct heat the medium, put the bearing on the bearing support horizontally, open the warm accusing of device, put through the power and and preserve the temperature that the engine oil heats and heat the engine oil gradually, the temperature of the engine oil can reveal from one pair of metal thermometer dial plates. Reach person who presume as the intersection of engine oil and temperature, the intersection of temperature sensing and tube put in the engine oil all it on the warm person who accuse of, and prevent receiving the external force For the warm accusing of device the signal routedly but cut off the power of the heater of the bearing by oneself instead, stop heating, use the clean iron wire, take the bearing out, assemble.

Second, determination of the heating temperature

After washing journal and bearing, it is 0.055mm to measure the bearing inner hole and cooperation interval of the journal, according to the following formulae

t1 =2~3 i /ka

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