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Maintenance technological analysis of the industry koyo cylindrical roller bearing

14th December 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

In order to maintain the original characteristic of the cylindrical roller bearing with the good state as for a long time as possible, must maintain, overhaul, so that accident proof on right, guarantee reliability that turn round, improve productive, economy. Maintain the operation or work standard of the condition of operating of preferably corresponding machinery, go on regularly. The content includes the inspection that monitors the running condition, supplements or changes lubricant, dismantles regularly. As overhauling the item in operation, there are rotatory sound, the states of the vibration, temperature, lubricant of koyo bearing,etc..

The washing of the bearing: While dismantling and playing the cylindrical roller bearing to overhaul, record the appearance of koyo bearing at first, confirm the remaining quantity of lubricant, after the lubricant used for taking a sample to check, wash the bearing. As cleaning agent, use the petrol, kerosene ordinarily.

The washing of the bearing dismantled, divide thickly and wash and thin washing, put in the container respectively, put the metallic network and lag behind first, make the bearing not contact the dirt of the container directly. Thick while washing, if make the cylindrical roller bearing take the dirt to rotate, will damage the rolling surface of the bearing, should notice. In thick to wash in the oil, use the brush to remove grease, adhesion, after being roughly clean, change over to washing smartly.

The bearing appears full of cracksly and peels off because koyo bearing is under the cycle function of load, the contact surface is very apt to cause fatigue failure, so in order to raise the life time of the bearing, the bearing steel must have fatigue strength of very high contact.

The hardness is one of the important quality of the cylindrical roller bearing quality, there is direct influence on exposed to fatigue strength, wearability, elastic limit. The hardness of the cylindrical roller under the user mode of bearing steel will generally reach HRC61 65, could make koyo bearing win fatigue strength and wear-resisting characteristic of higher contact.

The retainer adopts nylon 46 to make, has lightened the slip friction between ball and retainer. In addition, having also dispelled the concave convex form of the rotation direction, thus has reduced and stired losses. In addition, can slow down the shape of stress while assembling through adopting and guarantee the equipment characteristic. The loss torsion torque on the single retainer has been reduced 30- 40% , The bearing integral loss torsion torque of the cylindrical roller has been reduced by 50- 65%. This company infers, it has been brought up to 38.0km/L from past 35.5km/L that general sharp Sri Lankan fired the result of 10 modes and 15 modes, about 1- 2% which fire the result improved are got through adopting this kind of bearing.

Koyo bearing part pass a lot of cold, hot work processes in process of production, in order to meet the high-quality requirement with high efficiency in enormous quantities, the cylindrical roller bearing steel should possess good processing characteristics. For example, cold, thermoset characteristic, cut processing characteristics, hardenability,etc..

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