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Maintenance and storage of the air blower

27th January 2009 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Introduction: Air blower maintenance and storage method:

The maintenance of the air blower:

1 . The environment for use of the air blower should keep neat, the surface of the air blower should keep clean, there should not be incidentals in entering, air outlet. Also want some incidentals such as the dust in fixed elimination air blower and tube.

2 . Can only act as the totally normal situation of the air blower and can operate the air blower, will keep the capacity of power supply facilities sufficient at the same time, the stability of the voltage, forbid running when lacking the looks, the supply line must be a specialized circuit, should not use the temporary circuit to supply power for a long time.

3 . Find the air blower in operation of the air blowering has unusual sound, electrical machinery generating heat seriously, charged outer cover, switch that trips, can’t be started etc., should shut down and check immediately. In order to guarantee safely, do not allow to carry on maintenance in the air blower is operated. Should carry on running-in for about five minutes after overhauling, confirm having no anomaly to start the machine and operate.

4 . According to the intersection of environment for use and irregular and supplementary to bearing changing, lubricating oil terms ‘ The electrical machinery needn’t be changed during this period and lubricate the oil in service life while closing the bearing ,For guarantee good lubrication of air blower in the course of running, refuel number of times no less than 1000 hours / time, close bearing and electrical machinery bearing, refuel and use ZL

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