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Maintenance and monitoring of bearing of the rolling mill in SKF bearing

28th February 2011 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

SKF bearing should be strengthened and maintained and monitored in the course of using, in order to lengthen its life time.

1,Keep the oil gallery unobstructed, as stated and choose the kind of lubricant, annotate lubricant in fixed capacity. The ones that guarantee the roller roll surface and roller with blocking the surface of sliding of the side, keep the good oil cured and lubricate.
2,Check the sealed situation of the seal regularly, change the spoiled seal in time. Guarantee the sealing property of the bearing, in order to prevent water, oxidize the iron sheet to enter the bearing, prevent the leaking of bearing lubricant.
3,Combine the reality of this enterprise, launch the supervision on operation conditions of the bearing actively.

The noise is monitored: It should be the steady buzz while running well, monitor and compare with sound when being normal regularly, find the abnormal circumstance in time.

Lubricant is monitored: Normal lubricant should be clear and clean, if lubricant has already become dirty, there is attrited particle or pollutant.

The temperature is monitored: When the temperature rises, operating will become abnormal. Our company launch the intersection of temperature and monitoring already, like serving customer extensive.

Set up registration card, record day that bearing use online, pass the intersection of steel and quantity and maintain, monitor state,etc., strengthen the control over operation conditions of the bearing.

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