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Maintain the general step of the spherical bearing outside leading one

24th September 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

1 Track the position of TIMKEN bearing in the rolling mill combines the record. The intersection of Temkin and Company can offer to customer, bring spherical bearing maintain serve the registration card outside the, it can be used for recording the bearing seat number, roll number, framework number, the position of the bearing on the rolling mill, bearing the weight of area and tonnage and bearing operating hour data such as the number,etc. of rolling products of the outer lane. The registration card should upgrade and help the maintainer check and use at any time, blank space can record the bearing measured data and detailed content of other detection on the bottom;

2 Unload the pedestal from roll, unload the bearing from the pedestal. No matter it all needs special hoist and mount way and tool while checking the bearings to unload the bearings from pedestal, Temkin Company can offer to customer and hoist tool and special hoist and mount way to propose;

3 Wash TIMKEN bearing. In the course of washing the bearing should remove all peel off, water, residual lubricant and can cause the intersection of bearing and serious attrited dirt while being any other. Cleaning way and cleaning agent adopted to wash the bearing determine according to washing the bearing size or bearing quantity, the small bearing or drib bearing can use kerosene, mineral oil or other commercial solvents. As to big bearing or a large number of bearings, can use at 40 ℃ the degree of viscosity is 22cSt or the 100 degrees Fahrenheit is 100SUS Neutral oil washing case China wash.

4 Check TIMKEN bearing, including the check sum minor repair of the appearance. In dismantling the inner circle outer surface of the roller or surface of roller, if find that the small peeling off or epidermis crack has appeared, usually peel off the metal and rub and polishes and peel off the edge of surface with the dresser.

5 Should check the bearing wear degree regularly, can assess the abrasion state of the bearing by measuring the backlash of bearing;

6 Depending upon need, check and maintain the pedestal;

7 Install, answer in the the pedestals bearing;

8 Depending upon need, check and maintain the journal;

9 Mount the pedestal with bearing onto the roll.

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