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Magnetic bearing applied ‘ Two)

31st July 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

2.Exchange the encouraging magnetic bearing in passive form

1Thrust bearing

The making of the thrust bearing up type usually, each bearing is an electro-magnet. The unshakable in one’s determination geometric shape generally or the round is annular for E shape, U type. Tune the way and divide into connecting in series and connect two kinds in parallel.

Third, application embodiment of magnetic bearing

The magnetic bearing is still at studying the development phase at present, it is experimental that it should take mostly, have not taken shape and produced in batches, has not commercialized either.

1.The application in the basic shaft of the lathe of applying to the lathe is limited, belong to and try out properties.

1Basic shaft of the precision machine tool

France S2M Company has made and adopted degree of freedom 5 to control the accurate main shaft of bearing of magnetic force, dn value of its radial bearing is 4X106mm r/ min, the journal linear velocity is 200m/ s, dn value of the thrust bearing is 8X106mm r/ min, the thrust journal linear velocity is 400m/ s.

2Lathe of extremely precise lens

France S2M Company is by the extremely precise lens lathe basic shaft of bearing of initiative magnetic force, rotational speed 2000r/ min, power lkW, machining accuracy 0.05ttm.

2.Application in the precision instrument

Britain national physical laboratory develop adopt the intersection of maglev and automatic the intersection of resolution and survey meter of guide rail, in the frequency band of lkHz, supports rigidity as 175N/ gm, the definition reaches 0.1nm.

3.Application in the pump type

1Blood pump

Magnetic bearing blood pump which Japanese Tokyo University develops by cooperating with NTN Company. The basic shaft is by the initiative controlled magnetic force bearing of degree of freedom 5, the bearing capacity of importing radial bearing is 18N, it is 22N to export the radial bearing capacity of the bearing, the bearing capacity of the thrust bearing is 9.2N.

2Circulating pump France SEP Company adopts the initiative magnetic bearing of S2M Company to develop the rocket and use liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen circulating pump.

4.Application in space technology

Japan NAL

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