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Machinery seals installing and instructions for use

30th April 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Machinery seals installing and summary of instructions for use: It is necessary for the intersection of operating mode and the intersection of terms and the intersection of host computer and situation to choose suitable the intersection of type and mechanical sealant match, guarantee, run well service life install machinery seal the intersection of position and the intersection of axle sleeve and radial beat for public errand 0.04mm Rotor axial the intersection of installation and machinery, 0.1mm of momentum, seal resting sealed shell orient end it seals installation to be necessary for axle sleeve to seal in the face of the intersection of axle and vertical the intersection of 0.04mm and machinery of body seal liquid work up Quiet to press the daily axle shell of bearing and mix the axle

1Must choose the machinery of the suitable type to seal and match with the material according to condition and host computer situation of operating mode, the could guarantee ing machine seals normal operation and service life.

2Install machinery, seal axle of the position ‘ Axle sleeve Radial should last 0.04mm to last public errand,if you can’t last momentum, last 0.1mm axially to rotor.

3Installation machinery seal resting sealed end of ring, build ‘ Or shell ,It is less than or equal to 0.04mm against the verticality of the axle to orient the end.

4Machinery seal during installation, must axleaxle sleeve , seal body, sealed end build and machinery seal wash by itself, prevent any impurity from entering the sealed position.

5When transporting the medium temperature to be a bit high, crossing low, or containing the impurity particle, flammable, explosive, poisonous, must consult machinery and seal relevant standards, take corresponding hindering one, measure of washing, cooling, overanxious etc..

6Machinery is sealed while installing, there should be appropriate lubrication. According to the installation manual of the products, guarantee the installation size with sealed machinery.

7The apparatus must be full of mediums before operation, by preventing doing and rubing and making sealing fail.

8Single the intersection of spring and machinery of transmission seal, should choose spring fasten to rationally in the sample, generally seen from resting ring end, when the axle has changed direction for being clockwise, should select the dextrorotation spring. Select the left spring on the contrary.

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