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Maan Mountain has an area of and turns in 2010 round and supports the company and obtains ” Mayor’s quality bonus

31st March 2011 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Recently, Maan Mountain ” mayor’s quality bonus ” in 2010 Evaluate the result is made known, Maan Mountain has an area of and turns round and supports company and rain to moisten the food and obtain this special honours together.

Fig.: March 24, at the quality technical supervision working conference of the whole city, it is taken over in Lin’s hands from the mayor in a dawn that Maan Mountain had an area of and turned 2010 round and supported company’s Chairman, general manager Qian SenLi ” Mayor’s quality bonus ” Medal

” mayor’s quality bonus ” For the most high-quality honor that the government of Maan Mountain sets up of 2009, it is a first quality incentive system named after administrative leader of municipal government of the whole province, adopt the remarkable performance assessment criteria as the evaluation criterion, award-winning enterprises will get 500,000 yuan to reward.

Receive Municipal Quality Supervision Department about 2010 since March ” mayor’s quality bonus ” Participation notify after, the company leader pays close attention to, unified plan, through launching various forms such as training, expert’s lecture, visiting and learning, general knowledge test, soliciting articles and evaluating,etc., build studying inside the company and employing the remarkable performance to manage the modal atmosphere, ruggedization staff, to the study and understanding of the managerial knowledge of the remarkable performance, positive innovative quality control idea and method. Through positive preparation of six month, September with ” mayor’s quality bonus ” company Document examine achievement of the first place enter, evaluate stage live, accept mayor of Maan Mountain city quality bonus evaluate the evaluation of the group live on October 11. Through examining, analyzing, such respects as the evaluation expert plans to the company in cultural construction, technological innovation, product development, human resources score achievements for the affirmation, but point out the company in the thinking of development of strategy at the same time, manage the idea innovation, examination of acquisition method of the data, key performance in the improved space that respect of controlling etc. still exists greatly.

Have introduced advanced management idea and operation mechanism for the company in remarkable performance management mode, ” introduce into the remarkable performance ” And ” strive for mayor’s quality bonus ” Course assess and diagnose oneself about company’s, revitalize the intersection of enterprise and strategy, implement and have an area of creation of brand, pursue, have very strong directive significance thoroughly to the intersection of company and quality. The company will pursue the remarkable performance management mode unswervingly, will impel the company to pursue being outstanding constantly, tamp every basic management, establish for realizing company’s sustainable development and manage the foundation stone.

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