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Lubrication of the bearing of the rolling mill

28th February 2011 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

1,Importance lubricated

Lubrication of bearing utilize oil film as to kinematic to roll the surface to separate each other, it is unlikely to fail because of resulting in abrading excessively in coarse point contact. If users can pay close attention to the technology of bearing lubrication, can guarantee during giving for working life definitely, can still keep stable characteristic and rotation precision.

2,Kind and characteristic of the grease

The lubrication of the bearing of the rolling mill is divided into lipoprotein lubricating and oil lubrication, the advantage that the lipoprotein lubricates is to lubricate facilities simply, the grease is difficult to let out, have ability that certain waterproof, angry and other impurity enter the bearing, so generally speaking employ the lipoprotein to lubricate extensively. Use the oil lubrication in working conditions such as heavily loaded, high speed, high temperature,etc..

The grease is and dose pharmaceuticals to make up by the base oil, thickening agent. The degree of viscosity of the base oil generates an important impact on greasy property of the grease, the characteristic to the lipoprotein of the composition of thickening agent, especially temperature behavior, water-resistance, analysing the oiliness,etc. are with big influence, dose pharmaceuticals and is used mainly for strengthening resisting the characteristic of gasifying, antirusting, pressing very much etc. of grease.

Grease different going on, classifying, divide into lithium-base, receive group multi-type according to kind of thickening agent. A commonly used one of bearing of the rolling mill is the grease of lithium-base, the lithium-base has better water-resistances to moisten the characteristic of the lipoprotein, the great of drop point, the mechanical placement that can be used to be moist contacting with water. The grease is divided into several grades according to its fluidity namely needle out going degree. The larger the needle enters degree value, show the softer the grease is.
The characteristic of the grease of daily lithium-base sees the following form
Grease Out going degree of the needle 1/10mm drips the point C and greater than or equal to making up the characteristic
Name Trade mark
Lubricate the lipoprotein ZL-1
ZL-3 310-340
265-295 170
In 180 natural fatty acid lithium soap is coagulated

Wait for the lubricating oil of the degree of viscosity to add anti-oxidant good water-resistance, mechanical stability, waterproofing and oxidation stability. Suitable for – 20 –Temperature range of 120 ℃.
Press very much
Grease 0
2 315-385
275-295 170 good mechanical stability, water-resistance, antirusting, pressing abrasion resistance and pumping very much. Suitable for – 20 –Temperature range of 120 ℃.

The roll bearing grease which China produced, it is the pluralism compounded and become by acid protection of advanced lipoprotein and synergist that compounds the lithium saponify, also suitable for the lubrication of the bearing of the rolling mill.

3,Loading of the grease

The loading of the grease, in order to pack 1/3 and 1/2 of bearing and bearing shell space, if add too much lipoprotein, because stir and sweep hotly, will make the lipoprotein go bad to worsen or admire and melt. Should be only packed to 1/3 or less at the time of the high speed. When the rotational speed is very low, in order to prevent external different physics from entering bearing, can add space of all over shell.

4,Change of the grease

The life time of the grease is definite, reduce gradually in the course of its inuse of greasy property, abrade and increase gradually too, so every interval must be supplemented and changed regular hour.

The supplementary cycle of the grease relates to structure, rotational speed, temperature and environment of the bearing,etc., should fix to enterprise’s concrete working condition. Should notice, trade mark different grease can’t be mixed when the grease is changed, the lipoprotein with different kind thickening agents is mixed, will destroy structure and consistency lubricated, at the time of grease when it must change on trade mark different,should at bearing after there drive is greases original, and then add into the new grease.

Fourth, rolling mill bearing preserve and custody

The bearing is a kind of delicate mechanical component, preserve and keep stricter requirement for it.

1The warehouse temperature: Bearing coat with oil proofing, hypothermia or will result in, antirust oil deterioration while being too high dispatch from the factory, the adaptive control of the room temperature is at 0-25 ℃.
2The warehouse humidity: It will enable the bearing corrosion to pass the high humidity, the relative humidity of the warehouse should keep in 45%-60%.
3The environment of the warehouse: The bearing is preferably preserved alone, when must preserve with other articles together ing, it is chemical articles such as acid, alkali, salt,etc. not to get with other articles that are stored. The bearing should leave the ground to put, keep away from the heating pipeline.
4Check regularly: According to the anti-corrosive regulation of bearing products, check regularly once every 10-12 months. If find the phenomenon that oil-sealed packaging gets rusty, should carry on oil-sealed packaging again.

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