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Lubricated unit SKF SYSTEM 24 is high in efficiency

30th June 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

News in October 27, 2010: Amal Grow is one of the biggest traders that plants vegetables of Channel Islands, the servicing time when screens its potato and washes the machine has been shortened by 75% dramatically, only because upgraded the bearing unit and used some automatic lubricators of SKF SYSTEM 24 form.

New bearing unit and SKF SYSTEM 24 lubricating coupler were all produced by SKF knowledge engineering company, and was supplied by his west island of pool’s agent CAF Engineering Company by SKF authorised dealer Antifriction Components Company.

CAF Engineering Company offers substituting the stainless steel bearing, and some automatic lubricators of SKF SYSTEM 24 form that each set of bearings attaches.

Install, SKF SYSTEM 24 lubricating coupler runs full-automatically, does not need to lubricate manually. Each device is formed by hard polyamide plastic tube and lubricating oil and dustproof sealing well protected against dampness. This device is of the same name, so can check the quantity of the lubricating oil very easily.

It is that one can be regulating the interval and releasing hydrogen battery of the gas on the top of the plastic tube, in order to exert pressure to the internal piston, the pressure on the piston promotes the lubricating oil to pass the shank of the plastic tube, then the lubricating oil is pinched off into the bearing unit directly.

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