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Lubricated main point in the course of operating of FAG straight line bearing

7th December 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Two kinds of incompatible oil are mixed, don’t mix unable compatible oil absolutely. Usually consistency will be softened, cause damage because the oil is apt to run off finally, if you know you the intersection of FAG and bearing use the grease originally, take original oil full-scale clearance first, then add a kind of oil to lubricate.

We will often meet this or that situation in the course of using the straight line bearing, how formative these situations are, how this solves when taking shape, it has been the most troublesome question of the technicians of every big enterprise all the time!, following some crosses machinery and gives everybody a detailed introduction on FAG bearing cause and settlement way when the thermal phenomenon takes place while using: The intersection of instant and high temperature of grinding area can enable the intersection of the surface and sure depth ‘ 10- 100nm It if you can’t heat to, higher than inside on work piece temperature of heating. In case of not reaching the austenitizing temperature, with the improvement the heating temperature, it is superficial in its layer-by-layer last corresponding to heating temperature one or high-temperature organization tempered change, the hardness is thereupon decline too. The higher the heating temperature is, the hardness drops the more terrible.

In grinding is processed, in emery wheel and work piece contact zone, consume a large amount of energy, it is hot to produce a large amount of grinding, cause the some instant high temperature of the grinding area. Use the heat source heat transfer theory formula derivation of the linear movement, calculate or employ infrared rays law and thermocouple law to survey the instant temperature under experiment terms, can find the instant temperature of the grinding area can be up to 1000- 1500 ℃ in 0.1- 0.001ms. Such instant high temperature, it is enough to make the superficial layer of certain depth of surface of job produce high temperature oxidation, amorphous organization, high temperature tempering, quench while being two-shot, even burn many kinds of changes of fracturing etc..

Oxygen function in steel surface and air under the high-temperature function of the instant, poling rises thinly 20- 30nm Iron oxide lamina. The test result of one layer of overall thickness is corresponding relation that what merits attention is to oxidize layer thickness and surface grinding and go bad. It means it oxidizes layer thickness and directly relates to grinding craft, it is the important sign of the grinding quality.

Used the inner oil of FAG bearing to have antirusting nature. The anti-corrosive characteristic quality is mainly the solubility of seeing oil, different viscosity and formative grease of different materials, have defending holding and characteristic of antirusting of different grades, the general one comes to say, the oil waterproofing with great viscosity and with bad lipid solubility is better, even such oil is full of water in the bearing lumen of straight line, can form a layer of oil films that can be kept out in steel products appearance. The bicycle because the rotational speed is low, the choice of the oil can relatively use viscosity high, but the kind with extremely strong waterproofing, because the bicycle is in car wash, rainy day is the wilder, often have dealings with water, waterproofing is very important that this makes, even the viscous oil, the ones that will not influence low to leave rotatably either are smooth, but once the surface takes shape and oxidizes destroying, that peel course and ageing process fast aggravation while being whole.

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