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Long-term 3000084/638/4 ZZ miniature major groove ball bearing Quality assurance

16th October 2017 Bearing products 0 Comments

Product exhibition

The goods that this shop sells do not include tax prices.

If need the invoice, please contact customer service of this shop.

Please don’t need when the customer signs for it is eager to sign, must check whether the parcel has not been sealed off carefully! If have other packages in damaged condition, sign for, express damaged the intersection of question and we that company’s transporting cause, refuse to accept without exception, please know.
Find, have other questions arising from expressing to the company such as damage please will certainly refuse to sign for if signing for, we are unable to look for to express to company’s claim after you sign for.

The express delivery of acquiescence is: Everyday. Reach musical sound,it need it is other (in open, flexible, explain open, obey by abundant, EMS) Express expenses to be different, contact customer service first, quantity take place the stream.

Because weight of the goods and regional postage are different, the freight charges of interior label of the shop are in 1 kilogram, contact the customer service first before patting, not such as the customer service online, can also return the overcharge and demand payment of the shortage according to the real freight charges after striking first, this shop promises to never overcharge the customer one fen in the express delivery.

There are too many products, the type is complete, a unable a issue, please send a telegram to or contact the customer service if necessary, quantity is great and with preferential treatment.

Our company seriously promises, every every product sold in our company, quality is absolutely guaranteed. Sincerity is managed!

Before confirming and buying, it contacts the customer service of this shop to make the connection first to kiss, it can not be in short supply whether to have stock (general condition to fix or not, but does not get rid of a few treasures in short supply) ,So as not to delay the time to kiss.

The product exhibition of this shop is the material object shot, but because use up at the time of shooting, the angle, difference in respects such as display unit color deflection, individual’s cognition of the color,etc., causing the material object has some colour difference with the photo, final color is subject to real goods.

If the products bought present the responsibility of us, such as the little goods, send the goods scheduling problem by mistake, we will be responsible for the freight charges produced.

Has not the trade of this shop been opened and paid the kissing of treasure in order to pay the treasure as the main fact? ? ? Can in remit money through bank, remit money, please message or telephone tell the intersection of we and time, amount of money, item that you bought that you remit money in time, so that we deliver in time.

Contact: Manager Wang

Tel.: 0519-88053666 mobile phones: 13222509888

QQ: 523468888

Address: Village No. 28-26 of Changhong of textile city of lake pool of Changzhou

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