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Load and life-span of the rolling bearing

31st October 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Component any appear, exposed to tired the intersection of operation and total revolution or total work hours under sure rotational speed abrade, in the rolling bearing, the life-span which is called the longevity rolling bearing of the bearing is uneven and very large, criticize the bearing produced to operate the samely under the same condition, its life-span but looks difference time even several dozen times. Criticize bearing 90% the samely In tired total revolution that can up to or exceed peel off, ‘ Or work hours Called the specified life-span L hour. The specified life-span moves load C for amount for load that can bear 1 million while transferring. Bear the largest rolling a plasticity deformation amount of contacting the place with rolling of body and reaching 1/10000 while rolling the body diameter of load, the load that can bear is the specified dead load C0. The bigger specified load is, the stronger the load ability of the bearing is. The specified load to the heart bearing is the pure radial load, the specified load of the thrust bearing is a purely axial load. The actual load situation of the bearing is often different from specified load, must convert into equivalent load. When quantity moves load P function, the life-span of the bearing is the same as life-span under of actual load condition. Under the intersection of equivalent and function, P0 of dead load, most large to roll body and roll load dish exposed to total the intersection of plasticity and deformation amount and actual loaded terms of place the same. Specified life-span of bearing, amount move load and equivalent it moves relations between the load to be ε the intersection of life-span and index in the formula type: Ball bearing ε=3,Sub bearing ε of the roller =10/3. Usually fetch and repair or overhaul time limit in the machine as the life expectancy of the bearing while choosing the bearing. For example, the apparatus not often used is 500- 2000 hours; Machine used continuously 8 hour to work 2-3 hour Wan every day; It uses machines for 24 hour to be 4- 10 hour Wan continuously every day. In fact only a few bearings are damaged when reaching the life expectancy.

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