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LFR5206252RS fluted bearing =LFR5206252RS fluted bearing

16th October 2017 Bearing products 0 Comments

LFR5206-25-2RS fluted bearing LFR5206-25-ZZ bearing size 25* 72* 25.8
Internal diameter (d)25mm
External diameter (D)72mm
Width (B)25.8mm
Width (C)23.8mm
Diameter dw25mm of the trough
Shape UU profiled groove of the trough
Chamfering (min) (rs) 0.6
Weight ( Gram) 435
Material / Gcr15 bearing steel Gcr15 bearing steel
Internationalized manufacturing company that one hundred bearing Science Technologies Co., Ltd. of Sichuans in Ningbo specialized in the medium-to-high grade bearing and dealt in all kinds of bearings, the products include the ball bearing of major groove, miniature bearing. Stainless steel bearings, flange bearings, the lathe uses the fluted bearing of LV guide rail, the fluted bearing of LFR guide rail, the fluted bearing of W RM guide rail, the fluted bearing of LR guide rail, the embroidery machine uses the fluted bearing of SG guide rail, spring-machine and stiffening rib straightening machine rectify the through ship bearing, the level thrust bearing with series A, stainless steel level thrust bearing, the bearing of the agricultural machinery, car hub bearing and unit, straight line bearing, making to order the nonstandard bearing,etc.. The fluted bearing of LFR series guide rail is a linear track roller, adopt the angle of two-bank ball to contact the internal constructional design of the ball bearing and add the thick outer lane, make the gyro wheel have more high bearing capacity, can adapt in the cylindrical guide rail, operate steadily, the error is little, the noise in operation is extremely low ª¥ operates the speed very high. Fluted bearing and size of LFR series guide rail are as follows: LFR50-4NPP4* 13* 7, LFR50-5-4NPP5* 16* 8, LFR50/5NPP5* 17* 8, LFR50/8NPP8* 24* 11, LFR50/8-8NPP8* 24* 11, LFR30/8NPP8* 26.8* 13, LFR5302NPP15* 47* 19, LFR5201NPP12* 35* 15.9, LFR5201-14NPP12* 39.9* 20, LFR5204-16NPP20* 52* 22.6, LFR5206-20NPP25* 72* 25.8, LFR5301-10NPP12* 42* 19; LFR5301-20NPP12* 42* 19, LFR5206-25NPP25* 72* 25.8, LFR5207-30NPP30* 80* 29, LFR5208-40NPP40* 98* 39, LFR5208-80NPP40* 98* 38* 36, LFR5308-50NPP40 * 110* 46* 44,etc., welcomes little letter jack per line of the incoming telegram: A ê‘ Qi eight two two zero nine zero. QQ the intersection of Qi and zero the intersection of Qi and nine ê‘ two or nine zero one consult

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