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Lengthen clutch of forklift truck separate the intersection of bearing and method of life-span

25th November 2008 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Lengthen the forklift truck clutch and separate the method of the bearing life-span:

News: The separation bearing firing the forklift truck clutch inside works frequently, it damages the number of times and takes larger proportion in the forklift truck trouble, if the driver operates aptly, maintain it in time and can make this bearing use for about 3 months, but want renewal when China repairs. If the driver has relatively low engineering level, separate the bearing to damage in month nearly each one of forklift truck driven, will also bring disaster to other spare parts after damaging, for example separate lever and clutch slice,etc., thus the fee of material of the maintenance of equipment is obviously improvement.

Where on earth does the clutch separate the reason apt to damage of the bearing? In practice, although has been strict with a driver and separate the bearing sidelight once engine oil every day, this not only operates tediously, but also the bearing is still often damaged. Through analyze, think because the high temperature of the engine reaches and separates the bearing, in addition the bearing rotates and produces the high temperature at a high speed, it is very difficult to retain in the engine oil of this kind of condition in the bearing, the bearing works continuously in high-temperature condition, and the lubricated condition is not good, This is the reason why frequently damaged.

To the above-mentioned problem, have put the bearing in lubricating grease and heated testing too, make lubricating grease soak in the bearing, after dealing with like this, although lubricating grease can be full of bearings, but because the lubricating grease structure after the high temperature is dealt with is destroyed, performance is reduced greatly, it is unsatisfactory to use the result of this method, the service life of the bearing is not lengthened. We with sharp to chew grease gun, give, separate the intersection of bearing and direct the intersection of note and butter once too. Install and get on the bus again, through observing measuring, the service life of the bearing has been lengthened greatly. Method of this fuel-injection has achieved the satisfactory result, but operation is more complicated. Then explore again that annotates the butter, try out to succeed the Model 475 C engine first in a situation that the engine does not disintegrate, and then try out 475C type and 480, 492 type engines, has achieved very good result. Through practising, improving, summarize the experience, has formed a set of comparatively simple and convenient fuel-injection working techniques finally repeatedly, the concrete course is as follows:

lThe intersection of fuel-injection and method that engine does not disintegrate turn on clutch, build at first, watch and consult the abrasion situation of separating bearing, if confirm the bearing has not been damaged or abrades and does not exceed the limit, pull down the clutch pedal, regulate the intersection of connecting rod and pivot, make it return reach last position not to separate bearing and their flat, annotate the butter to the hole of the bearing seat with the sharp mouth grease gun, until the bearing has oil that overflows, then rotate the bearing slightly, the oil of note again, repeat the above-mentioned work, until the bearing all have a little butter to overflow, make bearing rotate and then, observe the intersection of oil and quantity, such as feel bearing rotate have resistance, prove in the bearing filling the butter. Then remove and separate every a small amount of butter overflowing of bearing seat, cover etc. and rebuild pin and clutch pulled down.

2The intersection of fuel-injection and method that engine disintegrate disintegrate, emerge, separate bearing and the intersection of bearing and assembly one of flat engine, cheer to the small oil hole in the separation bearing seat inner circle lower side on the sharp mouth grease gun, the bearing has butter that rotates the bearing while overflowing, until the circle of bearing one has butter to overflow.

After the above-mentioned two kinds of methods are dealt with, can no longer refuel to separate the bearing in half a year. Method of this set of fuel-injection is after Hengshui railway station try out, the mechanical proportion in good condition is obviously improved, have made the obvious economic benefits. Can save the fee of material; It improve loading and unloading amount, each every months can loading and unloading 30t again. This set of methods have been popularized at the other railway stations too, has made more ideal result.


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