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Learn the marketing skill from woman matchmaker

31st March 2011 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Sell people’s art

The love is due to the bread, the reliable material base that can’t leave solidly in because the happy and remote love, the even more vigorous and half dead and half alive love wants the fuel,rice,oil and salt and basic daily necessities to eat and drink and draw and spread too finally.

Very difficult to imagine if Titanic reach what of New York smoothly just as you, how story this between Jack and Rose goes on.

So the love becomes more and more complicated this realistic era, the girl becomes more and more to consider the marriage partner’s factor, relate to people, relate to car, and house, relate to paper money.

You can’t say this is to can’t say either it is wronging, it is a thing all one’s life after all, everyone is cautious to change someone.

This can be difficult for guys, the guys over 20 years old are all still in the undertaking to start one, except a few truck room rate is all available, why to just meet the guy of one’s own livelihood to promise one’s own heart appearance girl’s happiness in all one’s life?

Then it becomes the residence man that the one that beat a retreat in the face of difficulties in the guy is gradual.

The canonial girl suddenly found too that became slowly that had the woman left oneself to guard rigidly and choose spouse.

Will find some day the state of affair really urgent can’t continue dawdling dry like this, not only because parents chatter, seven major the intersection of aunt and eight words of aunt, too because youth that will slip away soon.

The time without host of continues waiting to meet by chance, it must walk in front of big belly Nan and fish tail’s line to get married, what is to be done?

Or parents try, do or friends and family look for the way

One is run through and come on stage with glittering appearance like upper and lower classical role’s woman matchmaker the Saviour for 5,000 years in China.

In the view of common people, woman matchmaker’s dry possibility is a thing of acting as a go-between and introducing the target.

But this thinks with each other in the leaf is luxuriant, the woman matchmaker is a very high job of a technological content

Emotion to need whom time train, have a lot of matchmaker come act as matchmaker, choosing for guy who giving up who in one beautiful the intersection of girl and surrounding area especially, but the woman matchmaker needs to pass the introduction in a few words inside definite time, the guy letting oneself matchmake breaks out, obtain the girl’s favor.

By the look of essence, this of woman matchmaker make with us marketing it sells products to be the same actually: How to break through the competition, obtain consumers’ concern within shortest time.

It seems in this way that the good woman matchmaker has and sure it is a past master of marketing too.

Cite an example happening by me, a 28 -year-old guy, the height is all right but weaker, the appearance is general, even if put in a group of persons you can not find out that kind either, commissioner of a market of foreign enterprise, the salary is medium-sized too. On the whole the external condition is medium-sized, do not belong to the general the girl to see the electric and not all right handsome boy type, also the talents type not belonging to professorship of the high salary.

Let’s see how his woman matchmaker describes the guy to the girl:

” of guy of this is good ”

“Stature the intersection of Chinese and the intersection of standard and more than first meters in height of man, a high fen is calculated too high, a short fen is calculated shortly very much ”

” long like Japan, the intersection of handsome boy and Nakadahidetoshi to play soccer, that type that MaggicQ falls in love at first sight ”

” whether the intersection of world and the intersection of 500 top enterprises and market department, at a young age to responsible for Shanghai have Wenzhou two areas alone ”

Seem to be dull in a nutshell, but from the view point of studying in marketing, can’t help letting people beat time and applaud.

It is consumers that insight at first:

Except ” find each other congenial ” ” cross-eye ” Outside the these feeling requirement of aspect, girl blindly date, value beyond the scope of the bipunctate most time:

First how is little partner’s appearance? High look of stature, OK

Second how is the economic condition? High future of good salary of the work, OK

Look at the others’ woman matchmaker more terribly, short three sentences are unambiguous definitely: One say stature, one say one of appearance say, work. There is not one sentence to make nonsense but the every sentence is cared about most by the girl.

Secondly it is the selling point that is expressed:

The intersection of girl and fine terms this a lot of people come, act as matchmaker at the same time, and other stature of guy appearance job too good to have not kind even. How could let girl think the terms of young man preferably, break out in a great deal of competitors?

It is the same that this actually does the question often met with us at time in goods marketing: When the products are highly with materialzation, how to let consumers produce greater interest to our products

We analyze down how say the guy’s selling point woman matchmaker:

As for stature, the intersection of nutrition and good full the intersection of street and high handsome boy of stature can be found everywhere as a child than the intersection of we and arduous at present child as a child, one seven eight stature nothing advantage actually, one eight one 9 go, joining an attribute wonderfully but wonderful: Chinese standard height. No matter absolute altitude or very short, but we are most canonial.

As for appearance, a standard no on different people, different views like love is blind actually, Andy Lau, someone says uglily, so picture Nakadahidetoshi is not the focal point yet, the focal point is to fall in love at first sight behind that MaggicQ. The girl thinks in the heart, what MaggicQ big such a beauty liked must be very handsome, and then think carefully Nakadahidetoshi is really quite having type, this guy should be good.

As for the work, ” the world 500 top enterprises ” at first These words let girls produce such a mirage in the heart: In Western dress and leather shoes huge to have good manners, speak English fluently, go to work, come in and go out Jingmao Building so top young talent of office building, especially look like one protagonist inside TV play of Korea S.. The intersection of latter half and sentences of ” at a young age to responsible for Shanghai have Wenzhou two areas alone ” secondly Will let girl think the intersection of guy and the intersection of work and peculiar future this, perhaps there are a bit less salaries now, but future is very good.

After packing and spreading through some in this way of the woman matchmaker’s, the girl has good opinion suddenly to the guy, promised to eat a meal and arrange to meet with the guy immediately.

So far, even if the working of woman matchmaker is crowned with success.

Is not this the same with doing marketing? The good marketing scheme is to help brands to break through the very heavy competition, attract consumers to pay close attention to finally too.

Certainly, the woman matchmaker must read guy’s own skill next in meeting when bringing two people together.

This, too as doing marketing, marketing responsible for take consumer to you, to that are bought whether consumers buy for several times, that is still manifestation of depending on products strength.

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