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Lathe lubricated skill of metal cutting

27th January 2009 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Introduction: Metal cutting lathe Abbreviated as the lathe as follows Have a large capacity and a wide range, a kind of apparatus various in style, there are very great differences between the characteristic, precision, automatic intensity, environmental conditions of the condition and use of the operating mode that processes of its structure, have different requirements to the lubricating system and lubricant used.

First, characteristic and requirement that the lathe lubricates:

1,The main spare parts in the lathe are mostly the mechanical spare parts of model, standardization, universalization, the seriation intensity is high. Slip bearing, rolling bearing, gear, vice worm gear, roll and slip guides, spiral transmission pair ‘ Nut pair of guide screw , clutch, hydraulic system, cam,etc., the lubricated situation has nothing in common with each other.

2,The condition of environment for use of the lathe: The lathe is usually installed and used in the internal environment of the room, the ambient temperature is at most 40 ℃in summer, the temperature take more ways of heating when lower than ℃0 in winter, make the ambient temperature higher than 5-10 ℃. The high-accuracy lathe requires the thermostatical air conditioner environment, generally from head to foot at 20 ℃. But because the precision of many lathes is required and the automatic intensity is relatively high, the viscosity, resisting the oxidizability service life to the lubricating oil Relatively strict with the requirement of degree of cleaning for the oil.

3,The operating mode condition of the lathe: The lathe of the different kinds of different specification size, even because situations of processing one are different on the same kind of lathe, the operating mode condition differs widely. The requirement for lubricating is different to some extent. For example the emery wheel main shaft bearing of the high-speed internal grinder and heavily loaded, low-speed main shaft bearing of the heavy-duty machine tool are quite unlike requirement for lubricant to the lubricated method. The former needs to use the oil fog or oil / angry lubricating system to lubricate, use the lubricating oil of lower viscosity, but the latter needs to circulate the lubricating system to lubricate with oil bath or pressure, use the oil of higher viscosity.

4,Lubricate the oil and lubricate the adaptability that cools liquid, rubbery seal, paint material etc.: Having used and lubricated and cooled the liquid at most lathes, in the lubricating oil, often make the oil emulsify because of mix with the liquid of coolinging and going bad, parts get rusty etc., make the rubbery seal swell and deform, make the surface paint of part coat the bubble, peel off. So consider the oil and lubricate and cool the adaptability of liquid, rubbery seal, paint material, prevent the oil spill etc.. Especially with the improvement of the automatic intensity of the lathe, have used and lubricated / cooled the common oil in some automation and numerical control lathe, can make lubricating oil, can also be used as lubricating the liquid of cooling.

Second, using skill of the lathe lubricant:

Because metal cutting lathe is various in style, structure and part situation have very great changes, it is very difficult to put forward the clear suggestion to his lubricant of main part’s exertion, the following content is according to the recommendation suggestion of lubricant of rational application of main part of some lathes that relevant standards are put in order, lubricant available for selecting is consulted hour.

1,The lathe is selected for use and given a recommendation with lubricant:

The system of dawdling of the total loss: Exquisite ore oil, L-AN32, L-AN68 or L-AN220, is used in the light load part, often uses HL hydraulic oil.

2,Gear Closing gear : Lubricate continuously ‘ Splash, circulate or spray ,Exquisite ore oil, and improve it and resist oxygen, resist corrosivity ferrous metal and nonferrous metals With resist bubble, CKB32, CKB68, CKB100, CKB150, in light the intersection of load and little gear relevant the intersection of main shaft and the intersection of case and bearing of closing etc. that operate, walk one hundred sheetses of cases, slippery shelves,etc. ,CKB32 and CKB68 can be used in machinery and control the overflow of the clutch to lubricate, CKB68 can replace AN68. To the daily HL hydraulic oil of lathe main shaft case; Exquisite ore oil, and improve it and resist oxygen, resist corrosivity black and nonferrous metals , resist bubbles, pressing very much and resisting the rubing, CKC100, CKC150, CKC200, CKC320, CKC460, in normal medium-sized invariable temperature and the intersection of type and closing gear any that turn round until heavy load carry on one’s shoulder or back ‘ Allow except the hyperboloid gear With relevant bearing, too can used in guide screw, feed spiral shell pole and light the intersection of load and guide manual concentrating on, lubricating.

3,Main shaft, bearing and clutch: Main shaft, bearing and clutch, exquisite ore oil, additive improve it and resist and and resist oxygen by corrosivity, FC2, FC5, FC10, FC22, slip bearing or rolling bearing and pressure, oil bath and oil fog about clutch to lubricate, in the system with clutch, because have risk of corrosion, it is needs to adopt the antibiotic-free products that rub and press pharmaceutical very much; Main shaft, bearing, exquisite ore oil, and improved it by additive and resisted corrosivity, resisted oxygen and resisted the rubinging, FD2, FD5, FD10, FD22, slip pressure, oil bath and oil fog of the bearing or rolling bearing to lubricate, can use for, require the intersection of viscosity and very low part of oil, precision optical machinery, hydraulic pressure, hydraulic pneumatic machinery, electromagnetic valve, the intersection of oil gas and lubricating coupler and quiet lubrication to pigeonhole bearing

4,Guide: Exquisite, and are improved its lubricating and glued for a ore oil – slipping, G68, G100, G150, G220, are used for slipping the lubrication of bearing, guide, the guide that is especially suitable for moving at a low speed is lubricated, enabled the guide ” Creep ” The phenomenon is minimized, can be used in various sliding parts too, such as the guide screw, lubrication of spiral shell’s pole, cam, ratchet wheel and disconnected light load worm gear that works of feeding.

5,Hydraulic system: Hydraulic system, exquisite ore oil, and improve it and antirust, resist oxygen and resist bubbles, HL32, HL46, HL68; Exquisite ore oil, and improve it and antirust, resist oxygen, resist and rub and resist bubbles, HM15, HM32, HM46, HM68, including carrying on one’s shoulder or back the general hydraulic system of the component in heavy load, suitable for, function as, slip bearing, rolling bearing, normal load and gear all kinds of ‘ The worm gear sum must be except the hyperboloid gear Lubrication,last CKB32 sum CKB68; Exquisite ore oil, and improve it and antirust, resist oxygen, glue warmly and resisting bubbles, HV22, HV32, HV46, numerical control lathe, in some cases, HV oil can replace HM oil. Hydraulic pressure and guide system, exquisite ore oil, and improve it and antirust, resist oxygen, resist and rub, resist bubbles and glue – slipping, HG32, HG68, use for, slip bearing, hydraulic the intersection of guide and machinery that lubricating system share in order to reduce guide in lay sport at a low speed ” Creep ” The phenomenon, if the viscosity of the oil is suitable, can also be used in the single guide system, HG68 can replace G68.

5,Use the occasion of lubricating grease: Common lubricating grease, and improve it, resist oxygen and resist corrosivity, XBA or XEB1, XEB2, XEB3, ordinary rolling bearing, person who turn on gear and various need the position with lipoprotein.

Following to prove for the code: AN

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