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Large-scale the intersection of rotary table and bearing / single roll alternately sliding pillar type turn round and support the thrust roller

31st May 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Luoyang large-scale bearing Co., Ltd. of rotary table was established in July of 2003, it is one that produce and sell the overall size bearing, turn round and supports the bearing, wind-powered electricity bearing, enterprise of the non-standard special construction bearing. The company produces the products internal diameter in 400mm large-scale bearing within 5000mm, used in generating set of the wind-force, steel factory, port machinery, mine, metallurgy, oil field rig heavy machinery, power equipment,etc. extensively. Company staples: Bearing of the rotary table, thrust roller bearing, thrust ball bearing, large-scale major groove ball bearing, cylindrical roller bearing, taper roller bearing, split bearing, nonstandard bearing,etc..
Luoyang large-scale bearing Co., Ltd. of rotary table offers the all-round and high-quality service to you wholeheartedly. The project, carry on diagnostic analysis to the products in use in time including consulting, installing, maintaining and safeguarding in lectotype etc., rebuilt and reprocess serving the products needing to change. We insist on needing it for motive force with the customer, providing the more high-quality, swifter service for you. We firmly believe No best, only better!

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