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KRE30PP bearing

30th April 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

KRE30-PP bearing KRE30-PP bearing

Shanghai link the bright Trade Co., Ltd – speciality and offer SKF bearing in 021-58528055 / 58529083 faxes 021-39110298 of saling hot line of Shanghai, brand-name and high-quality imported bearings such as FAG bearing, INA bearing,etc., import the bearing authority —-The speciality offers the famous-brand imported bearing of the world to you. Shanghai links bright Co., Ltd. and specializes in and imports the bearing to sell for many years, supplies INA bearing, FAG bearing, ZARN bearing, ZARF bearing product specification kind is complete, are applied to extensively: Trades such as the engineering machinery, lathe, car, metallurgy, mine, petroleum, machinery, electricity, railway,etc.. Because of to bearing trade long-term trying to find out and practising, have linked bright and already formed the good imported bearing stock structure, the products involve a dozen brand-name and high-quality brands such as Swedish SKF bearing, NSK Ltd NSK bearing, U.S.A. TIMKEN bearing.
Shanghai links bright Trade Co., Ltd contact details
Tel.: 021-58528055 58529083
ファックス: 021-39110298
Contact: Lu Long Network of 携帯電話 18662580012 Stand:
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The name of product: KRE30-PP bearing New type: The old type of KRE30-PP bearing: KRE30-PP bearing internal diameter: 110( mm) External diameter: 1( mm) Thickness: 1( mm) Weight: 11( kg) Bearing material: Become rusty bearing steel AISI440(9Cr18) Use: Engineering machinery Type: Bearing of the gyro wheel

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