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Koyo stainless steel bearing turn round and check and maintain the method at ordinary times while being carefree

14th December 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Koyo bearing is because of one’s own quality and reason of the external condition in the course of using, its bearing capacity, rotating precision and wear-resisting characteristic to change in a moment. When the performance index of the stainless steel bearing can’t work normally while lower than the instructions for using, the bearing breaks down even fails, once koyo bearing fails after unexpected situation, the machine, apparatus will be stalled, various abnormal phenomenas of losing the function etc., so need to find the reason to happen in a short time, and take the corresponding measure.

First, interval backlash which imports the bearing should be appropriate, will result in assaulting producing if it is too big, the lubricated result of too small words does not very ideal, severe perhaps result in burning tiles. So the interval backlash must be suitable.

Second, import the geometric shape on journal quality and stainless steel bearing of the bearing and must get the assurance, absolutely can’t adulterate these involve whether machinery can run well.

Third, choose the high-quality lubricating oil, the pressure flowrate, temperature and oil which strengthens the machine of the engine oil of rigid control are filtrated, where there is precaution, there is no danger to measure regularly.

Fourth, control the good diesel engine temperature state, will work in the environment of high or too low in temperature temperature abnormally. When it is cold, should be preheated first before using the diesel engine, and rotated the crankshaft by hand to make the engine oil enter and grit the surface.

Fifth, choose fuel and lubricating oil according to the type specification demands of the machine, stainless steel bearing strictly.

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