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Koyo slips the bearing to sentence to waste standard and rolling mill bearing and install and maintain

29th March 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

1.Thin wall tile

1The alloy-layer of the bearing was burnt and melted;
2The alloy-layer of the bearing is abraded seriously, bite, unable while adding cushion law to tighten up;
3When the alloy-layer of the bearing shells or cracks;
4The alloy-layer of the bearing is abraded not very serious, but can’t guarantee to overhaul in interval;
5The alloy-layer of the bearing is abraded, take, adopt and add cushion law to tighten up the bearing, when the spacer thickness exceeds 0.5mm.

2.,To the turning on bearing

1The alloy of bearing is abraded seriously, when its thickness reduces thin more than 1/2;
2The alloy-layer of the bearing shells, full of cracks and serious, when the area is more than 1/3;
3The alloy-layer of the bearing is burnt and decreased seriously;
4The intersection of bearing and the intersection of alloy and the intersection of contact with axle and horn greater than 120o is unable to blow the intersection of tile and the intersection of mouth and method of level, come, adjust, exposed to horn or side with shovel interval too big and unable change, again.

3.Axle sleeve

1The axle sleeve internal diameter exceeds the fixed maximum, namely the axle adds allowing the interval the most largely of the bearing directly;
2The axle sleeve external diameter is smaller than the minimum which stipulates the size, and it can’t be at the time of the quality requirement of the assurance to adopt and roll the method to spend;
3When the axle sleeve burns and decreases or embraces the axle.

4.Stop pushing the bearing

1The thrust tile piece is abraded seriously, when its thickness reduces thin more than 1/2;
2When the thrust tile piece is burnt and melted;
3Thrust tile piece shells, cracks.

Second, rolling mill bearing are installed and maintained

1Install the ring of the maze waterproof set

Maze ring with the intersection of roller and cooperation of neck generally for moving, cooperating urgent, need until copper excellent to rap, stock while being light when the installation. Two auspicious surfaces of the ring of the maze must be parallel and laminating with axle body a shoulder and bearing inner circle closely.

2Install the inner circle

Four cylinders spurt inner circle and cooperation of roller neck of the sub bearing and full of cooperating in order to cross, should heat the inner circle first to 90-100 ℃ while installing. Make sure not, exceed 120 ℃, in order to prevent the intersection of inner circle and retraction cool, from completely. The heating method can be heated with oil groove and can also be heated with reaction, absolutely forbid heating with flame.

Koyo bearing should be strengthened and maintained and monitored in the course of using, in order to lengthen its service life.

1,Combine the reality of this enterprise, launch the supervision on operation conditions of the bearing actively.

2,Check the sealed situation of the seal regularly, change the seal damaged in time. Guarantee the sealing property of the bearing, in order to prevent water, oxidize the iron sheet to enter the bearing, prevent the leaking of bearing lubricant.

3,Keep lubricating the oil passage unobstructedly, choose the kind of lubricant according to the regulation, annotate lubricant in fixed capacity. Guarantee, roll to roll surface and roll son with the intersection of sliding and surface to block side, keep good oil to be cured to lubricate son.

Lubricant is monitored: Normal lubricant should be clear and clean, if lubricant has already become dirty, there are particles or pollutant abraded.

The noise is monitored: It should be the steady buzz while running well, monitor and compare with sound when being normal regularly, find the abnormal condition in time.

The temperature is monitored: When the temperature rises, operating will become abnormal. Our company has already launched the temperature monitoring, willing more extensively serving customer.

Set up registration card, record day that bearing use online, pass the intersection of steel and quantity and maintain, monitor state,etc., strengthen the control over operation conditions of the bearing.

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