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KOYO bearing brand product introduction

25th August 2008 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

KOYO bearing brand product introduction: Through the manufacture of car bearing, diverter and spare part, KOYO bearing Corporation works in order to grind the comprehensive function products manufacturing company of hairdoes. Devoted to making a contribution to realizing the mankind and the earth, society and perfect coordination day by day of the car.

KOYO China has 8 factories, 6 selling companies, Japan KOYO bearing pearl type knows the society KOYOSEIKOCO.LTD was established in 1921. 6 group company, have 24 selling branch company, 26 factory abroad, the whole world set up 3 technological research centers, the network popularizes the whole world, KOYO bearing provides the swiftest service for the whole world, most worth the products relying on.

Only foreign Seiko Corporation KOYO bearing of Japan is that one has the manufacturer of comprehensive bearing products of world of long history and culture, Japan who ranked the third. Valu

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