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K16x20x13 bearing

2nd September 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

K16x20x13 bearing K16x20x13 bearing K16x20x13 bearing

Characteristics and uses of the needle bearing

Release time: 2010-9-8 Needle bearing contain detailed and getting away sonning long ‘ roll the sub length is 3~10 times of the diameter, the diameter is not generally greater than 5mm) ,So the radial is compact, when the size and loaded ability of its internal diameter are the same as other types bearing, the external diameter is minimum, are especially suitable for installing the supporting result restricted in size in radial.
According to use different occasion, can select for use, have bearing of inner circle or get away stitch and keep a assembly, last that bearing inside journal surface and outer cover hole surface on it match bearing at this mom ent directly, outside roll by surface, in order to guarantee loaded ability and performance of operating and have the same bearing of one se t of circles, a superficial hardness that axle or outer cover hole rolls, one is similar that the ones that answer with one set of circles of bearing in machining accuracy and surface quality roll. This kind of bearing can only bear the radial load.

The name of product: The new type of K16x20x13 bearing: K16x20x13 bearing use: Apply to the petroleum rig, make the steel machinery made of iron, hydroelectric generator, vertical motor, the vessel uses the propeller shaft, the tower crane, the pushing machine,etc.. Type: Thrust transfer heart get away sub bearing

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