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Judge the method in simple recognition of the antifriction bearing quality

27th January 2011 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Judge the method in simple recognition of the antifriction bearing quality: Ocular seeing the bearing, can see its cleanliness or the degree of roughness first ,The one of high quality knows once seeing, needn’t talk more. Looking further, you can take the bearing on hand, by the rotating of strength, see it is very smooth naturally that it turns, there is no jar.

6XXXX series bearing of nsk that use generally, work well very much really, but price produce your first time not merely than China. But its life-span is high, produce the bearing and say, one can carry one to use more compared with most China. So the price is still worthwhile.

There is bearing of Singapore, quality is between nsk and China’s production. The price does not know. But there are names of the country of Singapore on the bearing.

China produced the bearing I have used Harbin, it is more substantial to buy this kind. Quality is good too. But use the long dry sound to be a bit great, need lubricating, otherwise should get rusty.

The professional bearing shop is not numerous, you can go to place where the hard ware store flock together to buy. sell to the automobile fitting, rub and match, there those places of the belt too Little the intersection of shop and you needn’t go, have to fix store front, can fight, there emerged a very much striking brand the bearing generally. You ask them to draw a bill when buying, will seldom give fake products.

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