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Joint bearing GE12ES

12th September 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

The accurate angle of high speed contacts the installation of the ball bearing
The accurate angle of high speed contacts the ball bearing, is used mainly in the high-speed rotation occasion lighter in load, require the bearing high-accuracy, high rotational speed, rise in low shaking and certain service life at low temperature. Supporting one that often functions as the electric main shaft of high speed is installed and used in pairs, it is key fittings of the electric main shaft of high speed of grinding machine of inner surface.
Main technical indicator:
1.Bearing precision index: Exceed the precision of GB/307.1-94P4 grade
2.The high-speed index of performance: DmN value 1.3~1.8×106/min
3.Service life( Average) : >1500h
The intersection of high speed and accurate corner keeps in touch the service life of ball bearing and installs very great relation, should pay attention to the following items
1.The installation of bearing should be having no dust, go on in the clean room, the bearing will pass the apolegamy meticulously, the bearing is used and separated should be through grinding to enclose, on the premise of enclosing while keeping and separating and is enclosed etc. high, separate and should control to enclose parallel degree below 1um;
2.The bearing should be washed before installation, the inner circle slope is up while washing, hands are flexible in reaction, there is no sense of stagnating, after drying, put the oil of stipulating amount, the oil fog oil substantially as belonging to the oil fog and lubricating and should put a small amount of;
3.The installation of bearing should adopt the special tool, it is even to receive strength, forbid beating;
4.The bearing was preserved and should be cleaned and ventilated, has not corroded the gas, the relative humidity does not exceed 65%, keep and should antirust regularly for a long time.
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The name of product: The bearing GE12ES new type of joint: UC12 old type: -Internal diameter: 12.0000( mm) External diameter: 22.0000( mm) Thickness: 10.0000( mm) Weight: 0.017( kg) Bearing material: Carburization bearing steel (surface hardening type) Use: Common Type: Joint bearing

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