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Japanese Seiko is developed and rolled guide pair of straight line high and dustproofly

30th July 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Japanese Seiko develops the outstanding rolling guide pair of straight line of durability under the environment of dust ” Take the high dustproof side and seal the rolling the guide pair of the cushion ” . Will be listed on March of 2011.

The rolling vice straight line guide because rigidity and load are relatively tall in capacity, are adopted in fields such as the lathe,etc. extensively. However, when with having in environment that very small dust produces, if there is foreign matter that enters inside, will cause and unusually abrade and roll the body and rotate the bad phenomenon the orbit, there is damaged danger in short term.

Though can prevent the dust from invading to cover to a certain extent with the boot, but can’t totally stop. So basic solution to improve, roll the intersection of straight line and the intersection of guide and vice dustproof performance inside. Then, the long-life that the side seals the cushion turns into the subject.

The new products have been equipped with and improved the hard-wearing side and sealed the cushion through material and shape alteration. Specifically exactly, besides adopting the strong material of wearability to the sealed cushion, through analyzing to which keep in touch superficial pressure distribution, material intensity and frictional force,etc. computer even, have optimized the shape that the side seals the cushion. And, also make the boot on the guide cover the mounting hole of the guide bolt, have prevented the dust from invading inside.

This company will be here ” The 25th Japan international lathe exhibition JIMTOF2010 ” The time of the meeting: October 28 – November 2, 2010, the meeting-place: There is bright international Convention and Exhibition Center in Tokyo Have and exhibit this new product

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