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Item of using the bearing and should be paid attention to

28th February 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

The attentive matters used:

The rolling bearing is the accurate part, it must go on to use cautiously accordingly. No matter what a high-performance bearing to use, if improperly use, will not receive anticipated high performance. About bearing to use attentive matters as follows.

1 , maintenance bearing and cleaning around.

Even eyes could not watch the low dust, will bring bad influence to bearing. So, keep clean around, make the dust unlikely to invade the bearing.

2 , use carefully carefully.

Administrate the bearing to assault in using strongly, will produce scar and compression, become the reason of the accident. Under the serious situation, know the crack, rupture, so must notice.

3 , the operation tool used appropriately.

Avoid being substituted by existing tool, must use the appropriate tool.

4 , the corrosion which should pay attention to the bearing.

While operating the bearing, the sweat on hand will become the reason to get rusty. Should notice, operate with clean hands, had better try hard to take gloves.

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