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It is analytic to import the importance that the antifriction bearing cooperates

28th February 2011 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

In order to make optimal operational performance from importing the bearing, the cooperation between inner circle and axle, outer lane and bearing seat hole must be correct. If cooperate with the surface to joint insufficiently, the bearing ring may do the circular motion on the axle or in importing the seat hole of bearing. This kind of phenomenon is called wriggling. Once cooperate with the surface to begin to wriggle, the bearing ring will begin to wear excessively, and can damage axle and pedestal, abrasive chip may enter the bearing, cause abnormal generating heat or vibration.

It often can not be only to wriggle by clamping the bearing to prevent. In order to prevent wriggling, must offer the interference fit of the necessity while bearing and reprinting the imported bearing ring carried on one’s shoulder or back. Bear the resting and loaded bearing ring and does not generally demand to adopt and have a surplus of cooperating, shaking causes contact corrosion.

In order to choose appropriate cooperation most, must consider the following items:

Loaded direction
Loaded characteristic
Loaded magnitude
Temperature state
Install and dismantle the condition
About importing the bearing and installing on in the seat hole of the thin-walled bearing or hollow shaft, must offer the interference fit greater than the normal conditions.

Do not recommend cutting open the fractional pedestal and used in the high-accuracy or tight seat hole to cooperate, otherwise it may cause the outer lane to deform to cut open the fractional pedestal.

For bearing the application of vibrating bearing, the interference fit should be suitable for the inner circle as well as suitable for the outer lane.

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