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Isolate the network, workshop and isolate the network, apparatus and isolate the network workshop

7th November 2017 Bearing products 0 Comments

First, isolate the network and protect the railing net material to describe and explain in detail:

1,Soak and mould the fibre diameter: 3.5-6.0mm

2,Grid size: 50mm X 180mm, 50mm X200mm, 75mm X 150mm

3,Mast size: 48 mm X 2.0mm

4,Deeping size: 2.3m X 2.9m,2.1m X 2.4m

5,Material: High-quality low-carbon cold-drawing steel wire: ;

6,The silk is passed: 3.2 –5mm;
7,Deeping: The mesh is 40*40 rhombic ripple meshes, the boarder: 30*15*1.2mm, upper and lower shelf boarders: 27*10*1.2mm, the mast: 60 *1.2mm circular pipe;

8,Open the door: Open boarder: 30*50*1.0, open the door in the square column 40*80*1.3MM, moves on the door the channel guide 40*60*1.2 moves the lower channel guide 40*37*1.5 of the doors, surface treat: Gush out and mould;
9,Antiseptic treatment: Soak moulding, electrogalvanizing / hot dip galvanizing, gushes out and mouldsing;

10,Surface processing procedure: Gush out and mould (Black body one Alkaline deoiling The fresh water is rinsed Acid cleaning eliminates rust The fresh water is rinsed Coslettizing Air-dry The static gushes out the epoxy resin powder High-temperature solidification Quality inspection Finished product) ;
11,Outdoor pre-buried type and swelling screw fixed type of protecting the railing net base and is divided into;

12,Generally a swelling screw is fixed that the indoor protects the railing net, can be furnished with moving the door and to opening.
Second, products advantage:
1,It is convenient to install, it is simple;
2,High whole good stability of the intensity;
3,Colored to mould layer and have good anti-corrosioning and decorative effects;

4,Black to protect indoor by railing net general,outdoor for green,can change color according to the needs of customer;

5,Characteristic with the network body is light and handy, novel, attractive and durable model;

6,Adopt and soak moulding high-efficiently, antirust in ten years;

7,Applicable occasion: The railway closes the network, living quarters fence, place purse seine, development area and isolates the network, also can be suitable for the bridge of the expressway and throw the network to use as defending;

8,One’s own disassemble/assemble is convenient, the reusing is good, but the overall arrangement again of the purse seine depending upon need correctly;

9,It is environmentally safe products, can recycle finally

Third, buyer must read:

1,It is because that guard-rail last network specification numerous,it is getting more different too in consumption so [unit price is for products reference price, calculate some discrepancy according to actual dimension ] details please get in touch us.

2,Can deliver goods and call to install live, the all right hair stream of other areas delivers goods, pair is all right if the freight charges get.

3,Book products delivery date what be slightly different according to ordering, generally can deliver goods in 5-12 days

4,We have one’s own processing factories, can be processed and make to order according to your requirement; The ordinary specification always on the alert is measured from stock greatly and with preferential treatment.

5,Can sign formal contract with you, offer invoice, details please consult us.

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