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Introduce briefly: Whole off-centre bearing

31st October 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Whole off-centre bearing, also call the off-centre bearing, it is a type of bearing that used very much. Mainly outer lane, inner circle, roll the intersection of body and basket of flowers, roll body, whole off-centre simple in construction, easy to use in bearing, can realize the off-centre function without the eccentric shaft, make the off-centre organization greatly simplify, make the intersection of off-centre and the intersection of machining and the intersection of province and worker of organization, save time, assemble easy at the same time, have reduced the manufacturing costs of the off-centre organization.

The characteristic of the whole off-centre bearing: The inner hole in the inner circle is a off-centre hole, there is a longitudinal keyway on the inboard wall of the off-centre hole.

The classification of the whole off-centre bearing: One list taper, get away sub off-centre bearing for the intersection of double layers and pair; Cylinder roll one of son for being one-layer to roll dishes of little backlash or shoulder the intersection of backlash and cylinder, get away sub bearing, mainly install in the printing machine printing plate cylinder and impress both sides of cylinder; Another kind roll for double layers line bring internal and external off-centre, shoulder the intersection of backlash and cylinder, get away sub the intersection of bearing and Entrance, install on printing machine rubber cylinder both sides. Hollow cylinder roll sub bearing special structure their, have, suck, shake the intersection of ability and strong, the intersection of precision and longe-lived and overload protection function compared with regular rolling bearing.

The application of the whole off-centre bearing: Moderating machine, petrochemical industry, textile, metallurgy, mine, steel factory,etc., weight machinery,etc..

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