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Installation of four cylindrical roller bearings in SKF bearing rolling mill bearing

28th February 2011 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

1Install the labyrinth ring the waterproof jacket

Labyrinth ring and cervical cooperation of roller are generally tighter loose fit, need to enter by the light tapping of copper bar at the time of installation. Two cyclical auspicious surfaces of the maze must be parallel and laminating with axle body shoulder and bearing inner circle closely.

2Install the inner circle

Four columns spurt the inner circle of the sub bearing and cervical cooperation of roller in order to engage into through interference fit, should heat the inner circle first to 90-100 ℃ while installing. Make sure not, exceed 120 ℃, in order to prevent the intersection of inner circle and retraction cool, from completely. The heating means can be heated with oil scupper and can also be heated with reaction, absolutely forbid heating with flame.

The increase amount of internal diameter presses the following formula computing while heating with oil scupper:

d =12.5* 10-6 t.d

In the type: d – -Increase amount mm after the internal diameter of inner circle is heated
t – -Oil warm difference of and room temperature ℃ ,The thermometric scale of the room must be 20 ℃.
d – -Internal diameter of inner circle mm

Until the intersection of installation and FCD type wait for pairs of inner circle, while the inner circle cools must enable inner circle and inner circle axially, inner circle and cyclical end of maze depend on sticking to, and examine with the clearance gauge.

3Install the outer lane

It is generally transition fit that outer lane and pedestal of four cylindrical roller bearings are female, as to small-scaler bearing, can constituent whole is tapped down in the pedestal with the copper bar outer lane and roller with retainer. As to large-scaler bearing, can utilize and prepare against the hoist and mount hole that has on the outer lane or retainer, sling outer lane and outer lane assembly, pack into the bearing housing downward vertically.

To FCDP type four cylindrical roller bearings taken by the header, retaining ring, outer lane assembly, middle retaining ring of its side, bearings of the same type should not be exchanged.

Outer lane type, have at the end and Ⅱ, mark the intersection of load and mark of district see Fig. 1 . When installing and using for the first time, want, let rolling the intersection of load and direction aim at mark mark, wash and can let rolling load aim at other mark marks sequentially while reloading later, in order to lengthen the bearing life time.

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